Anchor Tattoo Meaning – Most Popular Anchor Tattoos and Their Meanings

Anchor Tattoo

Commonly, because of anchor tattoo meaning, there is a belief that anchor tattoos are a new trend and new generation has adopted this as a fashion symbol. But reality is different, its roots generally strikes back during 2000 – 2500 B.C. Mariners were the first individuals who chose anchor tattoos as a representation of their profession, life style and desires. For sea-men it was a mark of solidity and seagoing expedition.

Now, this tradition no more belongs to sailors only, as today, even renowned celebrities have carved anchor tattoos on their hands, foot, legs, neck and other part of the body. They believe anchor tattoos are a sign of their individuality. Anchor tattoos show security, power and valour. Actually in a world that is full of uncertainty and confusion, an anchor tattoo is considered as a token of stability.

Anchor Tattoo Meanings

It is an interesting job to know about different anchor tattoo meanings. Anchor tattoos have many varieties, depending upon the ability of the artists and on the people that how they perceive it. Some people consider it a symbol of their duty and some associate it as a part of their religious obligations. An anchor plays different role in different tattoos. For example in a ship, it is the anchor that keeps the boat still despite the presence of heavy sea twirl and currents.

This structure shows stability in hours of disorder and confusion. Sometimes life can be cruel to you. It is not shocking to lose your patience in a situation of turmoil. But if you have an anchor tattoo, try to understand the anchor tattoo meaning in your life. Whenever you look at it, it will give you courage and strength to face the situation and move forward in your life. Your anchor will always keep you balanced in the worst situations.

Anchor tattoo meaning can also imply negativity. If you have an immovable boat as an anchor tattoo, it can represent the incapacity to move further and progress. So, before having an anchor tattoo it is always important to know its true symbolism.

Types Of Anchor Tattoos 

In following lines, we are going to describe different types of anchor tattoo and their meanings.

1. Navy anchor tattoos

This is the most ordinary design used by the individuals who are part of Navy services and even for those who want to showcase their love and admiration for the Navy officers. This amazing design is an ideogram of their loyalty and affection for US Navy. It usually carries the initials like U.S.N or the word Navy itself. Some people request the tattoo artist to integrate the colors of the American flag on the tattoo to signify their nationalism towards their country.

2. Tribal anchor tattoo

This is another innovation in the field of prominent anchor tattoos. Basically this tattoo is the representative of different cultures and tribes. It depends on the mastery of the artist, how he portrays the culture of a tribe in the form of a tattoo. It can be a simple design but many people prefer complicated designs. It all relies on the choice of individuals.

3. Anchor heart tattoo

This anchor tattoo is very common among youngsters. It shows their romantic side and utmost love for somebody. This type of tattoo shows your special feelings and solicitude towards someone special in your life. Usually a heart punctured by the anchor in the center defines how emotional one can be when it is a matter of love.

4. Anchor and rope tattoos

This is highly famous anchor tattoos design among Navy officers. It is a sign employed by Lord Howard of Effingham as a family cachet before the US Navy embraced the symbol. This is the main reason that many Navy servants prefer to have this tattoo.

5. Eagle/ Globe/anchor Tattoo

This tattoo is an official representative of the US sea unit. There are three sovereign marks in this tattoo. The first symbol is the globe. Its delicate design is an embodiment of North and South America but delivers the message to serve the whole world. The other sign is the Eagle which is given the status of national bird of US. The third symbol is anchor that identifies the respect endured by the US Navy Marine Troops.

6. Celtic anchor tattoo

Celtic symbols represent the cultural influences that sailors adopted while on their voyages. These Celtic designs portray interdependence of different spiritual elements and their links with the mother earth. Celtic anchor tattoo meaning is also associated with loyalty and its connection with Irish culture.

7. Mermaid and Pin-up girl anchor tattoo

The current and most popular variation of mermaid anchor tattoo is the inclusion of sexy women in an anchor tattoo. She can either be a pin up girl or a mermaid. This mermaid tattoo trend achieved high adoption in Second World War. When GIs came back from Europe after fighting in lines of duty, they had these tattoos designs. Many servicemen loved having vivacious vixens on their arms and many of them still do.

8. Rose anchor tattoo meaning

Rose and anchor tattoo is self evident in most cases. Rose and anchor tattoos symbolize love, loyalty and honor. It also symbolizes ultimate sacrifices. In history, roses are widely associated with Greek Goddess Aphordite. The said goddess is always shown having a crown of roses. Rose anchor tattoo meaning can vary according to the color of roses and can change its significance. Anchor tattoo with pink roses signifies ultimate loyalty to one’s first love while anchor tattoo with red rose is a way to pay homage to the ones who died in line of duty. It also signifies extreme love and passion. Red rose anchor tattoo designs are the ones most widely associated and used for lost loved ones.

9. Popeye anchor tattoo

Popeye is known as one of the most popular sailors in history. His image was created in 1929 in order to encourage the front line men fighting in World War II. It is still used to pay tribute to servicemen of Navy of yesteryears and still loved widely. Different anchor tattoo meanings can be different and can symbolize something completely unique.

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