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aquaphor for tattoos



Before going deep into Aquaphor for tattoos, let’s have a look at tattoo. Tattoos are the most in-trend accessory fashion these days. From old times, people proffered to have tattoos all over their body for many reasons like depicting tribe, in memory of someone, or to look attractive. Traditional tattoos have evolved now to be a prominent art and have became one of the most demanded approaches for style. It is said that having tattoos over the body has both their own pros and cons.

Among the widely known pros is the fact that, having tattoo over body with high quality and effective inks can help in prevention of cancer, while it can also make the blood of the body unsuitable for donation. After having tattoos over the body, generally an ointment aquaphor for tattoos is applied for some cycles to prevent your newly designed tattoo from getting messed up.

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Aquaphor is generally a skin ointment manufactured by the use of petroleum jelly. It has been used over decades for hydrating extremely dry, arid and irritated skin, imparting protection to the skin. Literally it’s a proven skin-soother and moisturiser that is intended to be also a protectant with benefits. Aquaphor for tattoos is preferred over normal petroleum jelly like Vaseline for a numerous other contents that synergize among them to give the best outcome.

It contains, panthenol, Glycerine for protection and mild nourishment along with mineral oil and ceresin which enhances the nutrition of skin cells and helps in protection of tattoos better. They are generally, available fluently in a container of about 14 Oz and can be readily bought for very small price. The VitaminB5 in it accelerates healing after trauma of skin like having tattoo, for which it is recommended widely by tattoo experts across the world. (1)


Aquaphor is considered to be the best humectant or we can say moisturizer for the skin. It also has healing effect (by the aid of Vitamin B5) and protectant effect. A freshly done tattoo causes extreme itching, dryness and skin issues around its proximity where, application of aquaphor is proved to be the best therapy. It prevents the ink of the tattoos from getting oozed out and smudged.

Its known property of healing chapped skin and preventing eczema, bruises due to tattoos is much better than any other ointment of same category. Moreover it’s readily available for reasonable price too. Aquaphor for tattoos should be applied within the complete after care period, which time span varies according to the area of tattoo and design of it. But remember that too excess of anything is not good.

You should always know the period and amount of application of the ointment from your tattoo specialist. Excess aquaphor, might cause excessive moisture than what is required. Though aquaphor is good and has intensive features over skin area, sometimes the scabs may get mushy. You may develop skin irritations or rashes which prove that your skin is incompatible to the hard ointment and it’s the time to shift to some softer or milder fragrance-free ointment or lotion.


There might have been some positive or advantageous outcome for using this ointment over other skin products, especially for tattoos. Or else why would it be the most recommended. Moreover the benefits of using aquaphor for tattoos over other skin products will encourage the new tattoo makers to readily opt for it. Following in this Aquaphor review, these are the benefits of using aquaphor for tattoos:

1) Prevention of tattoo damage

A new tattoo normally release some lymphatic fluids, bloods and excess ink, those cumulatively forms a layer over your tattoo area forming a dried crust. This can ultimately hamper your tattoo and even your skin, and thus use of aquaphor is crucial. It moisturises the dry surface preventing formation of dry crusts.

2) Prevention of Scabbing

 Scabbing is a completely natural process, which should not be feared. But getting large number of scabs is certainly not ought to be and thus needed to restrict. A scab when opens up can drain fluent amount of ink, thus discolouring the hard done tattoo. Aquaphor is the substance that prevents such awkward situation from happening.

3) Preventing Infections

Tattoo infections are very rare case. Blisters and infections don’t happen under normal condition, thus such sudden infection or blisters may inflict fear. Actually the tattoo process is nothing but causing of tiny wounds ibn clusters to place ink, within skin layer. These wounds may result in infection or ink may cause toxicity. Aquaphor prevents such infection and toxicity by its healing property. It further creates a protective screen to keep bacteria and microorganisms from the open wounds.

4) Itchy skin prevention

You can no way escape the series of itching and discomfort, which you would experience on the upper skin layer and crust. The most discomfort will occur when you will be when you are unable to scratch those itchy areas. And the dryness and cracks adds to this itchiness further. Aquaphor soothes the itchy skin by moisturising and healing the cracks. It also stimulates brain to not let scratch over ointment layer!

5) Accelerates healing rate

 Every wound on the body and bruise will get healed, but it will take time. To shorten the healing period, Aquaphor is an applied so that it can prevent the surface from coming in contact of foreign materials. It certainly makes the healing phase flow smoother.

6) Availability of Aquaphor

Aquaphor is a readily available ointment that can be bought from any drug store within pocket-friendly range. Having least side effect is an added advantage.

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It’s not possible for any product to deliver just the best of it. There should have to be any drawbacks. And they can’t be ever made to be eradicated completely, but at least they all are modified for minimising the faults. Generally Aquaphor too does have some disadvantages that should be mentioned for transparency:

1) Occurrence of potential sensitivity

 All medications are not meant for everyone. The action of ointments varies with skin and ability to resist the product effect. Some can cause allergic effect while other may not cause any effect. Aquaphor may be sensitive for some people, causing growth of rashes and small bumps around tattoo edges. This may lead you to opt for some other safe alternatives. But remember to avoid fragrance products for tattoo
after care.

2) Skin Breakouts

Since aquaphor is made of petrolatum, excessive use of it may result in the clogging of your skin pores. This can adversely affect your skin by causing pimples and other minor or major casualties. To avoid this
situation it’s highly advised to use aquaphor, only the amount required. And always apply it after washing the tattoos with water or after washing out the previous layer of aquaphor carefully. Don’t rinse too hard.

3) False assumptions

 May time people fall into false notion. They think, more ink is draining after ointment application. But that’s not true. Leaking of excess ink and fluids are too common for first few days. The layer of crust formation is effectively prevented by the application of transparent Aquaphor, which may cause to look like as if more ink is oozing.
But even though, aquaphor is needed in very small amount for it.


Everything needs to be done in a systematic way. So as the application and use of, aquaphor for tattoos. It’s not just taken and applied over tattoos to secure it, but involves a gradual approach by following measured and planned steps:

1) Start with bandage removal

 Generally, expert tattoo designers shut the wounds for sensitive persons with a moist bandage that needs to open just before application of ointment. Also they apply it when you have got a more detailed tattoo and use of numerous colours was prominent. These bandages are usually made in such a manner that it can be removed after few hours. But hold on, take permission before removing it. Soon after the removal, you are ready for the therapy of Aquaphor.

2) Clean the tattoo

After keeping it overnight, or as mentioned by designer, clean your tattoo mildly. Don’t put hard stress as it may cause leakage or scab if the tattoo is new. Try washing it gently with a mild soap, using bare hands. Using any clothes or scrubbers could cause infection and even the smudge of your detailed tattoo. You can use a glove to prevent the colours to get printed on other hand.

3) Drying the tattoo

It would not be better in any case if lots of water gets stuck in the tattoo crust. It may cause discomfort during application of Aquaphor or other skin lotion. Just take a clean, fluffy-soft, towel and pat your tattoo dry with it gently. Don’t rush or put additional pressure. If you are not satisfied with the drying, you can let your tattoo dry under blow of fan or drier for some times.

4) Start applying a layer of Aquaphor

Now comes the actual application of the ointment. After having dried completely, take a small quantity of the ointment over clear dust free finger tip and gently spread it smoothly over tattoo surface. Don’t make the layer thick. As it would stop cell respiration in those tattoo area, and thus can cause skin suffocation. It may cause pore-clog, pimple-burst too. Be conscious while applying.

5) Wipe off the excess ointment

Keep a clean paper or towel, which you would use in wiping the extra aquaphor, off. There is nothing to worry while applying. Even if by chance you put some excess ointment, then you can wipe it off gently by towel. This therapy is repeated twice a day or as your designer suggested.


Though the Aquaphore is an emollient product, which can be used commonly by each and every person generally, there are still some precautions that are highly required to be mentioned. Aquaphore can also be used on daily basis normally on lips, skin etc. as moisturizer, besides application over tattoos. The general conditions that are contraindicated with the use of this ointment are:

  • Allergies due to mineral oil
  • Allergies due to petrolatum

The essential precautions that should be maintained before dealing with the product over tattoos are:

  • Avoid its application on sensitive sites like eyes, inside nose, ear canal, vaginal area etc.
  • Read and interpret every written instruction on the label. If you fail to understand it, ask any pharmacist.
  • Follow the directions and restriction regarding use.
  • Use it regularly or as directed to get the most out of it.

Some notable side effects that are experienced by usage of Aquaphor are as given below:

  • It may cause unusual change in skin like turning into white/soft/soggy.
  • May show signs of skin infections
  • Though chances of serious allergic reaction is nearly zero, then also immediate medical action should be taken if any face, throat swelling, tongue rashes, dizziness and breathing trouble is observed.

There can be many other possible symptoms that can suddenly emerge due to application of aquaphor on the tattoos. On any sign of those, be sure to contact any pharmacist or doctor.


In summing up, Aquaphor for tattoos is ruling the market. There are many safe substitutes that are manufactured everyday but nothing has yet the quality of the former. The skin smoothening components of the emollient is highly effective.

They are used since decades and has been proved worthy for it. A tattoo can look great and remain healthy for long once it is nurtured with care during its after care period. And for getting the best of the aftercare period, Aquaphor
is just ideal. World-wide dermatologists, tattoo specialist and scientists are confirmed of its advanced crusting, cracking and scabbing prevention mechanism. The emollient is sure to improve the looks of your tattoos and prevent it from hampering, only if it’s followed under specified conditions. Try to grow the habit of checking the label always before buying it. Thanks for your time, we hope you found this Aquaphor Review helpful !

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