Arrow Tattoo Meaning – Fascinating Stories Behind Arrow Tattoos

arrow tattoo meaning

Introduction to Arrow Tattoos

An arrow can play various roles based on the circumstances surrounding us. It plays an important role in diverting our attention towards a particular point, manifest an action or try connecting objects and information. No wonder, it is advised that we should focus on our goals like an archer aims his mark. Similarly, arrow tattoos have gained adoration for bringing with them several trendy designs that no other symbol would bring about.
Although it’s an uncomplicated design, an arrow tattoo has received huge popularity because the symbol carries a dynamic and positive meaning with it. Amidst all the tales that we hear of them, do we know the actual origin as well as arrow tattoo meaning?

History Of The Arrow Tattoos

An arrow as a commodity is said to have had its evolution before the inception of the wheel. Early men devised the concept of arrow to display the group dynamism to win over the opposite clan. It is said that the popular and trendy arrow tattoos are quite primitive. Hundred years back, Native Americans used this tattoo to represent warfare, vision, hunting, and history.
The arrow tattoo meaning are not just confined to one culture but they are involved in several other cultures. For the ancient civilizations, they worked as a mark of unification and groupism. They worked as a mark of strength and fortitude. During the ancient civilization, arrow symbols were considered as the emblems of consolidation and vigour. With time, the concept of arrow as tattoo has evolved and their association is made with a sense of alacrity and persuasion. For the post ancient civilization era, there have been different evolving meanings for arrow tattoos.

Arrow Tattoo Symbolism

Arrow tattoos come in different designs and they carry deep meaning with them. Each and every arrow tattoo is associated with a specific arrow tattoo meaning. Here are some of the famous arrow tattoos prevalently used.

Single Arrow Tattoo

One of the most predominantly used tattoo is solitary arrow. Normally, such a tattoo point towards a particular direction. There is no specific meaning for a solitary arrow tattoo but according to ancient studies, such an arrow tattoo is inked to eradicate evil forces. It was believed that if you ink a single arrow tattoo, then you can keep yourself protected from malevolent and vile forces.

Arrow released from a bow

If an individual inks a tattoo pertaining to an arrow released from a bow, then it signifies a positive beginning or transition in one’s life. This could also mean that the individual has conquered all the misfortunes in their life. It symbolises an emergence from bad days and procession towards the good days.

Broken Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Normally, a single arrow depicts war, struggle, hostility, and armament. In contrary to that, a single broken arrow symbolises the need to maintain harmony and tranquillity in the atmosphere. It is a symbol of reconciliation that marks the end of war and beginning of friendship and solidarity. You might come across such tattoos on the hands of peace lovers and other individuals belonging to peace initiatives and movements.

Two arrows

Unlike any other arrow tattoo meaning, this tattoo has two different stories. During the period of ancient civilization, it was popularly believed that two arrows pointing towards each other was a mark of solidarity. This tattoo holds an attribute of companionship.
The entire Native American clan believed that this tattoo played an important role in generating friendship and stood as a pillar of unification for the clan. On the contrary, two arrows in the opposite direction depict war, animosity and extreme antagonism persisting between the individuals or clans. The former tattoo was a mark of friendship, shared between two best buddies while the latter one portrayed bitterness and animus between two individuals.

Bundle of arrows

If you come across such a tattoo then it signifies unification and strength in unity. It shows that a single arrow can be broken but a bundle of arrows is hard to break. This tattoo enriches the bond of unification. It represented one of the five founding fathers of the Iroquois League. This tattoo gives us a direction towards a clan alliance. Each and every member of the clan has to ink this tattoo to show that their confederation is stronger than that of others. In today’s generation, kids belonging to one group ink this tattoo to maintain their brotherhood and unification.

Compass Arrow

Here there is one single arrow running through a compass. This symbolises that the individual is proceeding towards a new relationship. The individual, after a massive endurance, gathers up all the courage to leave behind his past and proceed towards a new beginning. This arrow directs towards a new start in the life of the one on whose body it’s inked.

Cupid arrow

This is an arrow which pierces through a heart and it signifies romance and devotion. It is often believed in Mythology that Cupid was the god of love and eroticism, so being stuck with his arrow would generate lust and emotion and attract one to other people. This tattoo is mostly inked by couples as they believe that that it would help the romance and love between them to grow.

Feather arrow

Who does not love sovereignty and liberty? The feather arrow is a symbol of independence, freedom and self- rule. A feather passing through the shaft of the arrow signifies a sense of liberty and freedom. Any individual who ink this tattoo try to show it out to the world how much they adore freedom and self-determination. The concept of liberation is respected when one is set free without any control being imposed on them, as is depicted by the feather arrow.

Left-pointing arrow

You might come across many right-pointing arrows but left-pointing arrows are scarce. These arrows are meant to show you want something unpleasant to move away from you. These arrows show that you are not comfortable with a situation and you want that thing to get over in your life real fast.


In conclusion, if you are interested in making one of the arrow tattoos as mentioned above then get it done at a renowned tattoo parlour in your town.
Go through the many arrow tattoo designs to know about their significance and ink an arrow tattoo that perfectly fits your life and your life story. We hope you found your favorite arrow tattoo meaning after reading this article !

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