Best Tattoo Practice Skins – The Most Helpful Buying Guide Ever

best tattoo practice skins

best tattoo practice skins


Best tattoo practice skins are what every beginner tattoo artist need to perform their artwork .Every art is a form of expression, expressions which sometimes are best understood by the artist. There, however, are those expressions that can be understood by anyone even though the aspect comprehended by individuals can be very different. Tattoo drawing is undoubtedly one form of art, and to be good at drawing or expressing ideas in the form of images on the skin, practicing over and over is required just as it is with other forms of expression (either through words or images).

A writer may practice using pen and paper, a sculptor may practice using wood, concrete and/or metal but a tattoo artist has to practice on best tattoo practice skins (or something close). The need for continuous practice has made the introduction of practice materials like fake skins very valuable to the art as it offers artists the privilege of making mistakes and correcting them afterward.

Drawing tattoos on the human skin especially for aesthetic reasons require a certain level of expertise that can only be reached by relentless effort towards perfection, and since human skin aren’t meant to be practiced on, something that could be used for practice is needed. One could think of papers of considerably good thickness, but drawing a tattoo isn’t just about creating images using colors, it involves mastering of the curves on the human body part and how the skin reacts on the application of different tattoo supplies.

Professional tattoo artist at work

A tattoo artist drawing something different from what a client chooses will probably lose that customer and some potential ones since he/she has failed to reproduce what is visible to everyone (as expected of an artist). The array of  the best tattoo practice skins available are of various qualities and prices. Some can be used more than once; others can be used only once and discarded or kept. From all the available ones in the market, some stand out and they will be discussed.

Tattoo practice skins before now are made of plastic or rubber. These materials allow you to practice and improve your skill but not so well since they do not possess qualities close to what a tattoo artist works on. The real canvass of a tattoo artist is the human skin, so a human skin or something like a human skin (fake skin) would be best suited to provide that simulation needed to hone the artist’s skill.

Newly produced practice skins have this quality of human skin simulation; they are worn on the arm, legs or other parts of the body before drawing so the contours of the body can be felt while drawing. Once drawings are done repeatedly, the artist (beginner or professional) approaches perfection on the image or picture being practiced and gains more confidence in his ability so much so that the drawings can be framed and displayed. There is the sheet with varying sizes allowing artists practice as many times as the sheet can contain before using another. Of all the available ones, here are some of the best tattoo practice skins.

Best Tattoo Practice Skins – Our Picks

PFT 20 X Sheets Of Large And Medium Sizes Tattoo Practice Skins, Otw-Tab1

PFT 20 X Sheets Of Large And Medium Sizes Tattoo Practice Skins, Otw-Tab1 The PFT 20x sheets Tattoo Practice Skins, otw – Tab 1 contains 20 sheets of practice skins that are 2mm thick. Of the 20 sheets,
there are 10 large size sheets of 8 x 12 inches tattoo practice skins and 10 medium sized 6 x 8 inches sheets of tattoo practice skins.

In addition, both sides of the sheets are usable, meaning the sheets get to last longer and good value for money is gotten. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Its thickness allows for impressive absorption and penetration of ink depending on what is used as a lubricant.

For best result in wiping off ink, apply Vaseline some 20 – 24 hours before wiping and after each wipe, add some Vaseline too. Drying and blotting are very good, although not as it would be experienced on real skin. It is very easy to use with tattoo machines.

It is also excellent for outlining, shading and coloring. Smudges are easily removed provided the adequate quantity of Vaseline is used.

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GenMo Tattoo Practice skin Double Sides Tattooing & Microblading

Also very suitable for beginners and professionals, it comes in a size of 7.5 x 5.5 of 12 sheets. The rubber skin-like material is used for both tattooing and micro-blading. It can be used with tattoo kits, tattoo needles, tattoo machines, as well as other tattoo supplies.

Its ease of use is proven in its flexibility and it can also be used on both sides meaning it’s not easily and quickly exhausted. Outlining, coloring, and shading are practices that can be done on it for tattooing, but micro-blading can be done too. In addition, it is handmade from soft materials and the workmanship is commendable. It goes for a reasonable price of on Amazon.


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5 Tattoo Practice Skin 8 X 6 Inches Large Sheets by

This practice skin boasts of 5 pieces of tattoo practice skins 8 x 6 inches in size. They not only serve as tattoo practice skins, they can be folded for piercing practice as well. It is, however, best used for basic line practicing meaning they are hardly suitable for professional tattoo artists as more advanced skills like shading and contouring causes smears on the skin.

To add to that, the smears don’t come off easily, this can be very frustrating. It also isn’t easy to use with tattoo machines and tattoo needles as they tend to pull the skin. All these can be attributed to its very thin size. However, at such a price, it is good enough for beginners.


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Last Words

In a nutshell, The above products are chosen for the different purpose and considering some factors like their price in relation to the extent of their usefulness. The least expensive is very useful for beginners, while the more expensive ones are suitable for advanced learners and professional artists. It is advisable that the above qualities of these products be seriously considered when purchasing tattoo practice skins.

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