Half Sleeve Tattoo Guide – MUST READ Before Getting A Sleeve Tattoo

half sleeve tattoo

Choosing The Right Half Sleeve Tattoo

Have you ever wanted a half sleeve tattoo such as a little cute butterfly tattoo on your arm? Or that dragon tattoo if you’re that animated cartoon lover?

Well, read this article before you get a half sleeve tattoo done.

How to select the half sleeve tattoo for yourself?

Choosing a tattoo for yourself can be one hell of a job, yet we have written this article just to make it easier for you so that you won’t end up having a tattoo that you won’t like.

First things first, you should decide what type of tattoos do you want on your arm? There are a number of tattoo genres that can be chosen, depending on your personality type, or depending on what you choose.

Tattoo Genres

A very common list of tattoo genre includes:

  • Love Tattoos
  • Sports Tattoos
  • Cute tattoos
  • Girly tattoos
  • Animal tattoos
  • Text tattoos
  • Warrior tattoos

Customized Tattoos:

You can also get yourself a customized tattoo which you can design on your own if you have good art skills, or you can also get it designed by a tattoo artist if you want to make it look professional. You can also get cool tattoo ideas from the internet and see whatever suits you.

Cool Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

  1. Floral Pattern

If you’re a flower lower, never miss the chance of getting a floral pattern tattoo done on your arms so that you can proudly boast them when you
wear half sleeve shirt. You can also get a cute butterfly made on the floral pattern to make it more natural.

  1. Peace sign

A peace sign tattoo has been used as a half sleeve tattoo on the arm for many years because the world is progressing towards peace, and why not get something on your arms which tells people how much you support peace and harmony!

  1. Tribal Print

Tribal prints are very famous tattoos that not only men but women as well get done on their arms as half sleeve tattoo. Don’t give a second thought when you’re planning to get a tribal print tattoo done because these tattoos not only look cool but also are great source of motivation. You must have seen all those sports people with tribal tattoos, and ever wondered why? Well the answer lies in the word “motivation”.

  1. Peacock Feather

Peacock feather tattoo is very famous for the arm as it longer in length, and why not get a peacock feather on your arm this summer so that when you wear that short sleeved shirt, people can see your cool tattoo that instantly adds to your charm.

Pro-tip: Try getting the peacock feather tattoo in multicolour and see the magic!

  1. Pigeons

Pigeon tattoos are mostly chosen by girls who are looking for some cool ways to personalize their body without getting a harsh tattoo done. You can also add a sky in the background of your flying pigeon tattoos. Try adding some colours to the clouds, and white and blue shaded pigeons on your arm.

  1. Four Elements of the universe

Fire, air, water and earth are the four elements by which the universe is said to be made. If you are a science geek, you should definitely get this half sleeve tattoo done for the love of science that you have!

  1. Rising Sun

The rising sun tattoo is characteristic of people who not only believe in nature but are also looking for those kicks of motivation when the times get rough and you can’t get enough of what you’re looking for, you simply have to look at the tattoo that you have, and remind yourself of all the motivation the nature holds for you, and get up and work hard!

  1. Dragon Tattoo

Are you someone who’s looking for ways to boast your pumped up muscles? Well, we have the best tattoo for your that will automatically bring out the manliness in you and make your muscles look more prominent. So hey ladies, what are you looking at? The muscles or the cool dragon tattoo?

  1. Crossed heart

Love your boyfriend/girlfriend more than anything in the world? Or looking for a birthday present for your lover? It’s time to show them how much you love them by getting this heart made, and make sure to get it crossed with the cupid’s arrow!

  1. Lover’s name

What could be cuter in the world than waking up to the idea that your boyfriend/girlfriend got your name on their body for the rest of their life! Get this tattoo done in any exciting colour that suits your body, and surprise your lover with this perfect gift for this valentine.

  1. Om tattoo

Om is a Hindu mantra and is known to be based on two ideas, one is the soul that we have, and other is the entire universe that is taken as one unit. Get this tattoo done for spiritual healing.

  1. Shark tattoo

Image by JasonStephan

If you’re a sea creature lover, or simply a person who wants to tell the world how you are powerful from the inside just like a shark, this tattoo is for you.

  1. Quotations

You can also get a cool tattoo done on your arm with any of your favourite quotations, let it be a romantic one, a philosophical one, or simply a motivational one. Such tattoos are often chosen by people either for themselves to get motivated or to tell the people about their personality.

  1. Skull tattoo

Skull tattoos look very cool especially if they’re made in black. If nyou’re an emo type person, don’t go for anything else but the skull tattoo.

  1. Cartoon Tattoos

Mickey mouse tattoos are very common these days as they have been made by very famous tattoo artists on very famous celebrities. So people are getting this tattoo done more and more to look cooler and cuter!

Types of tattoos

There are three types of tattoos based on the intervals in which they remain stick to your body.

Permanent tattoos

Permanent tattoos stick to the body for your whole life, wont come off until you use special tattoo scratching techniques.

Semi permanent tattoo

They are those kinds of tattoos which are made to stick to the body for some specific number of months. These types of tattoos remain attached to the body for six months to one year.

Temporary tattoo

A temporary tattoo or a tattoo sticker is the one which does not attach to be skin but is made to stick by synthetic glue which is safe for the skin and is tested on humans before it is used.

How exactly does the tattoo mechanism work?

Tattoos are made when the ink which they are made of is made to inject into the skin, through a fast needle that scratches some part of the skin so that the ink fills in, and stays there until removed by special techniques.

Components of a Tattoo Machine

Modern tattoo studios employ very high quality and fast power supply machines which supply the power so that the knob with which the needle is attached can move at a greater pace so that it does not hurt you. Many power supply machines come with a voltage flexibility, meaning that even if accidentally the voltage gets unstable, and fluctuates, you won’t have to worry about any harm done on your skin. There is a foot pedal attached with the power supply machine so that you can control the power supply by using your foot, as you press the pedal so that the hands remain free for the designing purposes.

How much does getting a tattoo hurt

Well well, just to create a feeling of win-win, getting a tattoo done of course hurts because someone is scrapping off the skin from your body and injecting ink into it, so why not! So if it hurts while you are getting your tattoo done, don’t worry, it’s the body’s natural process; and no pain, no gain. So don’t you worry, ladies and gentlemen, it will hurt, but it will be worth it. You have my word!

Precautions to take before getting a tattoo done

Tattooing is a very comfortable process if, and only if you are fully prepared for it. Don’t you get scared of the tattoo process, it doesn’t bite, after all!

Choosing the right place

First things always come first, you have to make sure that you choose the right place to get your tattoo done. Because there are a number of complications related to wrong tattooing. So we highly recommend that you do a detailed research before you leave for getting a tattoo done. Never get your tattoo done from people doing tattoos running stalls, and not having a registered tattoo studio because these people are inexperienced, and it is quite possible that they are simply practising on your body in return of that mundane amount of money that you give them. Always make sure that you never compromise on your health, let it be tattoo making or any other thing, stick this piece of advice into your head, and make sure that you never compromise your health for something as mundane as few pennies!

Get some gain by stopping the pain!

You can also take pain killers or analgesics before you go into a tattoo studio, hence it won’t hurt you as much. There are a number of analgesics that you can find in the market, but the drug naproxen is said to be the potent pain killer amongst all, but make sure that you either consult your physician before taking any medicine. Make sure that you take the right amount of pain killers, and at the time mentioned by your physicians because taking in too much will never help additionally with the pain, but will harm your body instead.

Sterilized instruments

I’m very sure that you have chosen the right tattoo studio for your tattoo done, but there is another thing which you must keep in mind before you get your tattoo done. Always ask your tattoo artist if their instruments are sterilized or not because there are a number of serious diseases that spread due to contaminated instruments. I’m sure you don’t want to contract any fatal disease through your tattooing process and regret it later on. You have to be very careful with this thing as it is the most important question to ask your tattoo artist before you get that fancy pattern on your body done. After all, this fancy pattern should not cost you your life, right?

The right ink for the right colour!

There are a number of inks available in the market that simply impart colour, but there are certain inks that are specifically made for tattooing process so that the tattooing is done on your body without the ink damage. Make sure that you read the label of the ink box that your tattoo artist is going to use on you, and it must read that it is safe for skin, and tattooing, if not, then simply step out of the tattoo parlour, sit back, and do some extensive research on other tattoo parlours that offer safe tattooing.

Antibacterial wash

After you have been victorious in the deadly battle of what you think of tattooing, then don’t fall lazy, there are some precautions for you to follow. Make sure that you clean the arm that you got your half sleeve tattoo on, with antibacterial soap or any other antibacterial hand wash. Why am I focusing on the word “antibacterial’, well, a lot of times, you can contract a bacterial infection because these little bugs are all in the air! They’re waiting for you to skip a safety procedure, so that they jump on your bodies, stick to them, and attack them! You have to win this bacterial versus man battle as well with just an anti bacterial wash, trust me, bacteria think of it as some spear being hit on them!

Boast your tattoo

Well if you have a cool half sleeve tattoo on your arm, why would someone wear full sleeve shirt? My dear, it’s about time you get some cool short sleeve or sleeveless shirt for yourself and boast that fancy thing that’s a part of your body!

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