How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work ?

Reasons behind tattoo removal

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Many people get one or more tattoos in the course of their lives. Some people will get the tattoos to mark a special event, to memorize the loss of a loved one or sometimes to celebrate the start of a new relationship.

Sometimes, however, tattoos end up being a bad idea. When this happens, people start thinking about ways to remove the tattoo.

There are many reasons why an individual might want their tattoo removed. A tattoo can inhibit career advancement in areas where professional appearance is vital. The body can also change. When fat and muscle is lost or gained, the tattoo can change its shape and look, becoming unattractive.

Some people might want to remove the signs of fangs they are no longer part of. Regardless of your reasons for removing the tattoo, you will most probably feel unburdened by getting rid of a tattoo you no longer want.

Laser tattoo has become very common in the recent times. Many people believe that this method has better results compared to the other methods. However, this is not the case.

Laser tattoo removal might look like a simple, safe and easy procedure, but it actually a very complicated process that should be considered carefully . Read on to find out why it’s not safe as it sounds on “ads” .

How does laser tattoo removal work ?

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The ink used in tattoos is made up of several compounds from heavy metals. Research shows that the tattoo ink contains metals such as copper, lead and manganese. The red inks sometimes contain mercury. The permanency in tattoos is as a result of the metal ink.

When a needle deposits the metal ink into the skin, the body’s immune system recognizes it as a foreign intruder. The body dispatches the white blood cells to fight the foreign intruder. The ink particles are then transported to the liver by the white blood cells where they should be processed and excreted.


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The ink particles are believed to be bigger than the white blood cells, and this explains why the tattoos fade over time, but they do not disappear completely. The white blood cells try to get rid of the ink particles for a long time, but they too big for them.

To get rid of these tattoos, many people use lasers to break up the in particles. The lasers used in tattoo removal, popularly known as Q-switch lasers are very hot. These lasers are known to operate in a highly narrow frequency and are very fast. The speed and heat used in the procedure is paramount in cracking the metal ink particles.

how does laser tattoo removal work

how does laser tattoo removal work

When the laser has broken the ink particles into smaller parts, it is easier for the white blood cells to transport them to the liver. Although this procedure looks very easy, it can be very expensive and dangerous for the body. For the tattoo to fade completely, you will also need several rounds of treatment.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt ?

Getting rid of a tattoo using laser is more painful compared to getting the tattoo. The lasers used to heat the metal ink particles to thousands of degrees, and it happens extremely fast so that it doesn’t burn the tissue.

The level of the discomfort will depend on the location of the tattoo. The tattoos that are found on the fleshy parts of the body are believed to hurt less because the flesh will act as a cushion. Tattoos on your wrist, face, feet and fingers will be extremely painful to remove.


After the procedure is completed, you will experience itching in the area, as the immune system tries to take effect. If you scratch the area, the effectiveness of the procedure will be compromised.

Scratching the skin can easily create a wound, leading to a dangerous infection. The wound can also bring an additional scar. Experts say that you should not apply any cream or lotion on the area to make the itching bearable.


After a laser tattoo removal, many people get scars. It is not advisable to use any cosmetic products before the treatment is complete, and this makes the situation even worse.

The treatment also weakens the immune system of the body, and this affects the process of pigmentation and skin repair. Individuals who expose themselves to the sun before getting healed are at an increased rate of scarring. Three to six months after the treatment, most people will get keloid scars that are raised and thickened.


How does laser tattoo removal work ? As note earlier, pulses of various light wavelengths are used to get rid of the metal ink tattoo. This is the light that is exposed to your skin.

Many individuals, however, do not know the fact that it can affect the natural skin pigmentation. People get patches of dark skin on the skin, a condition known as hyperpigmentation.


During the removal, the laser will heat up the metal ink particles on the skin, causing the tiny blood vessels to break. When this happens, some superficial blisters that contain water and ink appear on the skin. The blisters are not pretty to look at


Does Tattoo Removal Hurt

The human body defense system always reacts to things such as infections or illnesses in different ways. After undergoing the laser tattoo removal treatment, the skin around the area will swell. The heat used in the treatment is what catalyzes the swelling.


After the procedure is completed, the normal skins pigmentation is removed around the tattoo area This will result in lighter patches on the skin that will be completely visible. It might take months or years for the skin to get to normal. For some people, the skin can never be the same again.

Natural remedies for tattoo removal

If you want to safely and successfully remove tattoos, it is important to use the natural remedies. These are not too expensive, and the products are readily available for everyone. The natural products will not have serious side effects on your body. Here are some of the remedies you can consider:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has several benefits to the body. People can use it to treat burns, dry skin and getting rid of age spots. Aloe vera is also believed to be one of the best natural remedies to remove tattoos, especially when used with paederia, vitamin E, and tomentosa.

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