Best Leg Tattoos For Men Ideas & Its Secret Meanings !

leg tattoos for men

leg tattoos for men

Leg Tattoos For Men

Leg tattoos for men are powerful symbols and represent stories that are yet to be told. Whenever we meet persons with tattoo drawings on their bodies, we tend to ask for further details regarding what inspired them to have such tattoos anchored on their bodies. Although tattoos can be placed on various body parts where they can be easily see, but tattoos placed on men’s’ legs tend to be great.

When a man places a tattoo on his leg, he is trying to keep his manly appearance. Whereas some people may view leg tattoo for men as being feminine, others see them as excellent art. If you desire to have a tattoo piercing on your leg, bear in mind that you’ll have to bear with the process involved and pain.

When a tattoo is anchored on a man’s leg, it can really take a great to all on you, unlike tattoos placed on other body parts. For instance, your leg would swell up and you’ll have an irritating feeling on your knees, especially when you stand for long.

Why Men are Increasingly Going for Leg Tattoos

In the past years, there have been a growing number of men who visit tattoo parlors, just to have tattoos anchored on their legs, and this is mainly attributed to celebrity influence. Across the world, celebrities have leg tattoos (1). Legs normally have large surface area to place tattoos and also have low pain. It is for this reason that a majority of men prefer having tattoo art on their legs to having them on other parts of the body.

It is easy to reveal a tattoo located on the leg and make a man look impressive, especially when wearing short trousers. Moreover, tattoos present a unique combination art of traditions and modernity; hence, they make the legs look beautiful Tattoos always have a story about a particular person. There are several tattoo designs on men legs.

Different Designs of Leg Tattoos for Men

Since legs have large surface area, they offer a perfect place for drawing tattoos. Here, different designs of leg tattoos have been provided to help you select the best design that suits you. But remember that before you settle on a specific tattoo design for your leg, the process of having a tattoo is usually painful. Your legs would experience great gravity, unlike other body parts.

  1. Tribal Leg Tattoo for Men

This type of tattoos comes with an amazing look on the legs. Moreover, the tattoos are mostly loved by many due to their significance and traditional appearance. Having that traditional look on your leg gives you a sense of belonging.

  1. Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala tattoos give you that versatile appearance and reminds you of your spiritual journey.

  1. Polynesian Leg Band Tattoo

This type of tattoo carries a particular meaning. Moreover, they encompass ancient symbols with different meanings.

  1. Mix and Match

This type of tattoo involves mixing of various ideas to come up with a unique tattoo that you want. While drawing the tattoo, you can include various patterns and textures on your legs to make it appear like it has been cluttered. This is one of great leg tattoos for men that would make your legs look extremely good.

  1. Man Up

This type of a tattoo has an amazing artistic work of a snake that goes through an opening in a skull and eventually wraps itself around the agape jaws. The snake scale colorings would look good on your leg.

  1. Batman Tribute

The tattoo overs your legs with artistic drawings of villains and role models. The legs are dominated with pieces of the famous batman, alongside his comic players.

  1. Travelin’ Through

This type of a tattoo encompasses ideas that act as a guide to help you reach your destination. Therefore, the tattoos will have names of people you’ll always look u up to for guidance to reach where you are going, dates and compasses to give you direction.

  1. Feeling Musical

Music can be a favorite story to tell through your tattoo. You can draw musical tattoos that would combine all your music preferences .Therefore the tattoo will help you convey to people what kind of music you love in a flair manner.

  1. Designer portrait tattoos

The tattoos are created by use of various designs based on your needs and the artist’s creativity so as to pass on a given message.

  1. Dragon tattoos

The tattoo represents a sense of knowledge, wisdom and power. When anchored on your leg by a professional artist, the tattoo looks amazing. Moreover, there exists a variety of designs to make the tattoo good on your leg. For example, you can request your professional tattoo artist to draw on your leg designs such as creepy tattoo, girl tattoo, joker tattoo , badass leg an among many others.

  1. The Quote leg tattoos for men

This category of tattoos seeks to inspire and give hope by ensuring it turns negative occurrence into positivity. A part from that, you can request your professional tattoo artist to place a quote of your choice with an aim of passing as specific massage to your peers.

  1. Tribal Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoos are very common; you can request your tattoo artist to design your narrow tattoo in a variety of ways. For those drawing tattoo for the first time, an Arrow tattoo can be a great idea. The Arrow tattoo is mostly loved by many individuals due low cost involved in drawing it.


The above leg tattoos for men are just but a few from among hundreds of tattoos. There are several designs where you can get the best tattoos that would guarantee you great appearance. Consequently, there is a lot you can say about men tattoos.

There is no better way to express you than putting such information on tattoo. A uniquely designed tattoo helps in conveying a lot if information about you and the ideologies you stand for. Also, there is no better place to place your tattoo than on your legs. The ideas presented here would be of great help to you while deciding on a tattoo design for your leg.

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