Matching Couple Tattoos – 12+ Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

matching couple tattoos

Why Choosing Matching Couple Tattoos

Symbols of tattoos have interesting meaning and when it comes to matching couple tattoos, the meaning and designs come out even beautifully. Matching couple tattoos add more layer and meaning to the art. The fact that a couple decides to mark their tale permanent on their body is a beautiful expression already, and when tattooing emerges from this beautiful thought, the designs that get created hold more elaborate meaning. A matching couple tattoo with the interesting mix of symbols adds life to the tattooing art.

Couple tattoo is considered a statement of love, or rather announcement of commitment. But it’s more than that. Your love is again apart of your life that you want to be marked on your body. Not for others but rather for the happiness of finding someone you want to share your life with. Or simply to celebrate the relationship, what it means to you and what role it has in your life. These tattoos may be to share what you feel in common. You may want to rejoice your relationship with a symbol that you feel relate to your state of mind.

Matching couple tattoos could mean anything. It can be a promise, an expectation, an expression or inspiration or simply a message. But whatever it is, it says that the couple is neck deep in love. But lest you forget, you are marking your body permanently so you should not be impulsive.

Cute Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas

1. Lock And Key

One of the popular couple tattoos is the lock and key. One partner has the lock and the other partner has the key. The lock is mostly in the shape of the heart. It can mean you have the key to my heart, or I have the key to his/her heart. It also shows the other partners devotion.

It can also mean pride, of both the partners on having each other. In lay terms, it could be an expression of “you unlock my heart””I unlock your heart’. As an observer, you’ll see a team spirit and belongingness of the couple for having chosen that. The message the couple is trying to put across out there is that they made for each other.

2. King and Queen

This tattoo is most popular among couples who have a sense of class and prestige. There are many variations of presenting this symbol. The symbol of king and queen means one love. King and Queen also symbolise pride and respect. It means the king has found his queen and vice versa.

It also means,’ you are my queen’ or ‘you are my king’ and that the partners treat each other like a king/queen and together they rule. On a deeper note, there’s no other way better than having tattooed this symbol to make your partner feel valued. It says what your relation means to you and that you value it more than anything else.

3. Heart

The heart symbolizes love and passion. When we talk about the matching couple tattoos, this one has to be the first choice. The tattoo completes with the name of a lover or the person close to your heart. In matching couple tattoos, there are a lot of designs and innovative ways of symbolizing the heart.

A heartbeat with little signs of heart or pieces of heart in both the partners makes beautiful tattoo designs. Tattoos with messages like “you have my heart” or “love” etc., with a heart symbol, are very popular. This symbol can be easily incorporated into any other symbol for a more meaningful design.

4. Puzzle Pieces

Such matching couple tattoos basically mean that the partner solves the puzzle of the heart. These are made in different forms like a heart is made in a form of puzzle pieces, both bearing half of it meaning a piece of heart that filled mine.

You solve each other’s puzzle, and both have keyholes. After knowing what lock and key mean on each other, this matching couple tattoo without the key says, they are open for both and no one has a key for the other.

5. Infinite Colour Of Happiness

When your partner adds colour to your life, it also shows what part each played in the partnership. It can be one partner who brings colour to the other partner’s life, or it can be both. You give space to your partner by letting them be themselves and draw a bigger picture of your roles in the relationship. You’ll always remember what your partner means to you and what you are with and without them.

Many incorporate this idea with coloured hearts etc., but the one in this picture that has the zen circle that stands for inner strength and enlightenment makes the meaning complete.

6. Freedom

Birds symbolize freedom. And in couple tattoos, it is designed with an open cage and bird. That’s when freedom is the soul of your relationship. Well, it’s easier said than done, and when you have it imprinted permanently, you know you are committing freedom to your partner.

It takes a big heart to do that and that earns respect for each other. With this tattoo, you tell your partner how much you trust them. A very interesting feature of incorporating this symbol in couple tattoos is with anchors, which mean to be rooted. So you tell your partner that you are rooted in them and you want to fly together, or you may also mean, you’ll let your partner fly.

7. Animated Movie Themes

If “Up’s” story is your story too, why not bear it on your skin. If you see your moments in Carl and Ellie’s paradise, or maybe that’s the ideal way of love for you, let these tattoo speak out loud for you.

The animated movie theme looks cute and colourful. You tell your whole story with it. While relating to it you make the story a special part of you and create moments of little nothings. Disney characters are favourites among the couples. So are some songs they relate to the relationship.

8. Anchors

Anchors mean you’ve found the shore. You are anchored, and you anchor your partner. In lay terms, you have settled on your partner and no matter what, you will never leave their side. You can have it imprinted in different forms and sizes, or even in a simple form but the meaning stands out as it means commitment.

It stands out, even more, when the anchor is tattooed in the ring finger by the partners. Or maybe you would want to have the anchor with the message –that you threw the anchor and fetched her heart. If you are willing to have that marked permanently on you, we believe you when you say it. And we believe you when you say that you will go to any length to keep her heart.

9. Messages

Messages like I Love You, Moon And Back, I’ll Be Here Forever, Anniversary Dates, Till My Dying Day etc on both partner registers love (strictly speaking). And these messages are made beautiful by exchanging parts with the partner. When messages are exchanged with the partner it shows how much they rely on each other.

Something like “guide me” and “Hold me”. Some tattoo Initials of each other on the ring finger instead of wedding rings. It can also be the circle of life or as was shown in one of the pictures above an anchor. The idea of having a tattoo instead of a wedding ring defines a commitment more. Another way is to write the initials on each finger that show up when entwined.

10. Gamers Matching Tattoos

This is the most interesting one. All the fun that your relationship has, like your favourite game, you can’t leave. It’s like an addiction that keeps you going and makes everything so light and fun when you are in the clouds. Of course, chances are you don’t love the same game so you may have to settle on a compromise before deciding to have these tattoos.

There are many fun designs that come up with the game characters. This type of couple tattoo is more popular among the teenagers. And it does not harm if the relationship does not work. They have their favourite game after all and an important phase imprinted on their bodies they remember.

11. The Yin and Yang tattoo

The Yin Yang tattoo will show how you complement each other. Yin stands for the moon, and its calmness and energy. Yan stands for sun and its life and power thereby. Yin and Yan together hold the energies of the world, without which life is meaningless and boring.

If the sun stands for new beginning and rebirth, the moon gives consoles and solace. It beautifully signifies the strength of the couple when they are together. This tattoo is many different forms but adding other symbols with this is not seen much.

12 Ellipses

Ellipses go great for besties because it means that you don’t need a word to understand each other. When you share that kind of friendship with your partner, that’s the best thing you can have in a relationship that you might want to treasure.

This something everybody expects in a relationship like they do for free, but very few understand it to relate it to couple tattoos. If you want to add the other more important aspects you share in your relationship, you can add it to that. Just let your innovation start working. This is generally tattooed by friends than couples though.

13. Electrons And Protons

Electrons and protons exist side by side and when they clash, they result in a neutral force that can achieve nothing at best. You can have this small thing tattooed if you are not much into designs and look, but are more into the meaning it holds.

This simple imprint can have a deeper meaning with more interpretation. It can mean negative and positive. It means opposites that complete each other. Also, it can mean both are equal because one cannot revoke the other when they are not balanced.

14: Infinite

The symbol infinite connotes love for each other that is endless. This can be combined with time, love, anything you mean to say amounts infinity. Just like the meaning of the symbol infinite, it has infinite ways of coming up with innovative ideas and beautiful messages.

Infinite tattooed on the ring finger can mean forever and after. Infinite with the heart and love mean infinite love for each other. The designs come out very interestingly too with this symbol. Many include messages curved in infinite symbol. It is simple having interesting ways of designing.

15. Butterflies

In Chinese symbolism, two butterflies together stand for love. Butterflies do not only stand for rebirth, metamorphosis, change and beauty. They also stand for the soul. If a couple chose butterflies as matching tattoos, it holds a much deeper meaning. One has to belong to the other to the level that makes your soul accept each other as an inseparable part.

Butterflies can also mean the struggles of a relationship through which both emerge with beautiful colours. It not only means commitment but also the knowledge of the reality and the ultimate discovery of the selves and the truth of a relationship.

16. Wings

Wings symbolize freedom. That you are independent, you own your will and you cannot be tied down. Wings in couple tattoos bring out the meaning in a more beautiful way. It can be tattooed by couples as in this picture. Wings on the heart mean together they fly. That they do not own each other but only belong to each other. It also means that they give wings to each other to fly higher.

Addition of stars makes the meaning even beautiful because, the star means truth, spirit and hope. So when you let your partner be as they are and you both have a sincere relationship and you believe in guiding and supporting each other, adding stars to the wings will bring out that individuality of your relationship.


Matching couple tattoos designs are popular and with the beautiful meaning it can embody, it has interesting innovations. It’s fun to come up with beautiful matching couple tattoos ideas. If you are planning to have one check the meaning first and also take help and suggestions of your family and friends. And if you just want something cute animated characters and game characters are very popular.

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