Native American Tattoos – A Badass Way to Show Your National Pride

Native American Tattoos

Getting Native American Tattoos

One can embrace the diversity of this country by getting Native American tattoos. Getting a tattoo might be the very last thing that one wants to do because it looks effie. But if one will go to a professional tattoo artist, they can make it look classy. Not to mention, this type of body art will highlight one’s sense of nationalism.

Choosing the right design may be a little tricky because there are so many options. But this step can be less troublesome if one understands the different elements. Native American tattoos have a spiritual dimension to it. Artists would often incorporate animals (such as birds and reptiles) and tribal wear in their work. But one can add a personal touch to the output. Here are some of the common designs:

Native American Tattoos Ideas

1. Portrait

As what was mentioned earlier, one can inject one’s personality into the final tattoo output. Nothing will do this better than a portrait tattoo. One can have the portrait of one’s better half or perhaps a child. But make the output look patriotic by adding the traditional elements of Native American tattoos such as the headwear and perhaps one can ask the tattoo artist to include an animal in the design.

2. Skull

Having a skull tattoo is an awesome way of showing one’s masculine side. One can inject a sense of nationalism in this tattoo by asking the tattoo artist to put a Native American headwear on the skull. The finished product will definitely make people say that Native American tattoos can also be badass. To take this tattoo one level up is to add as many details as possible. It might take form of the lines of the feathers. No one can argue that such tattoo is cool.

3. Soaring Eagle

It was mentioned earlier that one of the elements of Native American tattoos are animals. In this case, the most prominent feature is the eagle. Eagles have long been associated with the Native Americans so one must never forget to consider having this design (1). One can ask the tattoo artist to use blues and reds instead of the natural color of this bird of prey. Such colors will make the final product more traditional.

4. Arm Band or Bracelet

Instead of buying a bracelet, why not don a tattooed arm band. A skilled artist can make all types of Native American tattoos. In this case, ask them to create a detailed arm band or bracelet. Then they will throw in a feather or two to the design to make it look more traditional.

5. Facial Expressions

The first sample of Native American tattoos given in this article was a portrait tattoo. But why not just get a tattoo showing different emotions. One can get a tattoo of a woman with a seductive smile or perhaps a woman grieving. Another option would be getting a tattoo of a male Native American. He would be wearing a facial expression that shows weariness. Of course, one must remind the tattoo artist to include some elements like the animals and the headwear.

6. Accessories

The elements of Native American tattoos are not limited to the headwear and the animals. Native Americans wear a lot of accessories. One can get a tattoo showing some of the most prominent tribal accessories. But one has to keep in mind that it would make a lot of sense to include a person in the design so that people will understand the meaning of the tattoo.

7. Natural Scenery

It has been long known that Native Americans are the caretakers of Mother Nature. So it would make a lot of sense to have Native American tattoos highlighting the beauty of nature. It might be the mountains or perhaps the rivers. But the tattoo artist must add a Native American in the design. This way everyone will remember that they are the guardians of the natural heritage.

8. Geometric Shapes

One would be astonished to hear that geometric shapes can be incorporated into Native American tattoos. But it can be done. It will give one that badass look. One can ask the tattoo artist to hide some Native American elements in a jungle of geometric shapes. One can also use the geometric shapes to form something that is associated with Native American culture. (2)

9. Wolves

Native American tattoos usually have animals included in the design. It is not limited to birds. In this case, one can go wild with a wolf wearing tribal headwear. This tattoo will not only tell people about one’s acceptance of the country’s diverse heritage. But it will tell everyone who happens to see the tattoo about one’s love for animals.

10. Arrows

This is another item that is associated with the Native American culture. Asking the tattoo artist to create an arrow tattoo will definitely make it part of the list of elements of Native American tattoos. They can be in simple black or perhaps a very detailed black arrow. But to make a bold statement, the arrow can be in white. The white arrow can even be worn by those who have pale complexion.

11. Small Turtles

Native American tattoos do not have to be loud. They can be very subtle. If one wants it that way, then one can go for small turtles. Considering that they are small, they can be placed anywhere. They can also be hidden.

12. Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is something that people usually associate with Native American culture. This would make an awesome element to Native American tattoos. One can have it as it is. But it can be a part of some elaborate design. It can be used as an accessory for a portrait tattoo or perhaps as a background of a tattoo highlighting the person’s facal expression.

13. Feathers

The feather is another thing that is associated with the Native American culture. A girl with a feather on her hair is usually associated as a female Native American. The feather itself is an important element of Native American tattoos. One can ask the tattoo artist to create a detailed feather tattoo or perhaps include it in the design.


There are so many ways to show your acceptance of this country’s colored past. But going to a tattoo parlor to get Native American tattoos is one badass way of showing national pride. The design can be as simple as a white arrow on your forearm or perhaps as complicated as a mountain scenery with a Native American rowing his boat. Either way, it will show everyone who sees it that you are proud of your heritage. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

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