Palm Tree Tattoo – Symbolism Meaning Most People Don’t Know About

Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm Tree Tattoo is one of the most popular choice these days. Choosing a tattoo is a big deal. It is stated that if you are going to get inked, you should really think over it and then select the design. The reason behind this is that tattoos are one permanent thing in your life. It will stay with you forever. Different tattoos hold a different meaning. In this article, we will discuss the palm tree tattoos and the importance that they own.

These tattoos are a preference for people who are inclined towards the design of the braid. Along with that tattoos hold a lot of personal importance or cultural and historical importance in a person’s life.

Where should you get a Palm Tree tattoo on your body?

A palm tree tattoo is an interesting yet an intricate tattoo design. It is a complete tattoo design in itself. The thing about palm trees is that they are elongated and that is why they can cover most of the part of your body. In case you are planning to get a small palm tattoo, you can get it on the wrist or the sides of your hands.

In case you are going for more complex designs of the palm tree, or you are adding it up with other designs, you can get it on your back or the calf muscles. All the girls who want to tweak up their sass quotient, they can go for a small palm tree design on their shoulders.

The Symbolism of this tattoo:

A palm tree symbolizes eternity and immortality (1). Thus, it is known as the tree of life. The palm trees have different varieties in their class and can vary from range to the another. If we look at the trunk of the palm tree, it extended and slender and thus, it comes with variations. However, the foliage of the tree is the main reason behind the differentiating one palm tree from the another. In the world of tattoo, people who choose the design of palm tree, have a lot of options for tattoo design available to them.

According to the Ancient theories, it came to light that the leaves or the fronds of the palm tree are considered a symbol of god. It is also known as the Garden of Paradise. This represents the qualities of wisdom and goodness. People have their inklings towards the meaning their tattoo hold. In case of a palm tree, a single tree, with a lot of branches represents the loneliness or abandoned feeling on a very personal level. However, people interpret the tattoo in their way by adding certain elements.

For instance, if a person is mixing the palm tree tattoo with a skull, it represents death, a lonely death. Another example for this tattoo will be drawing up some flowers along with the palm tree. This represents a person’s divine connection and belief in the happiness around. In other words, it represents the association of a person with heaven.


If we talk about it from a cultural aspect, palm trees are often found in the beach areas. People of Florida, California, and Hawaii take a sense of pride in the palm trees and the importance they hold in their culture (2). Thus, you will always find people from such places donning a palm tree tattoo which symbolizes beach life or the laid-back lifestyle of a person. The reason behind this is that the island life is a slow life and people take their own sweet time to complete their daily chores or a specific task.

Designs of the Palm tree:

It often happens that when we have a specific thing in our mind for that fantastic tattoo, we look for designs. We scroll through the pages of the internet, and with so many options, we ended up getting confused among the perfect design. That is why it is recommended, to visit a tattoo shop and ask your tattoo artist for that classic design that comes with a palm tree symbol. The sole reason behind this is that you are going to take advice from someone who is a master at this subject and will pass on a design that suits you perfectly.

In addition to the palm trees, you can also add some elements such as the birds, the sky, the beach, etc. or you can get a whole scene inked on your body part. This will come out as a cover-up tattoo.

Colors for the Tattoo:

The best color to choose for your tattoo will be black, which will highlight the tattoo on your body. If you want to stand out and add some element of fun in your tattoo, you can use some greens or blues in your tattoo. You can also go with the new thing trending in the market, that is the citrus color. But to carry these colors, you need to walk in with style and confidence.

Other Design Ideas:

  • You can go with a completely black palm tree with some tribal designs on it.
  • You can opt for a Pheonix with your palm tree design, which will represent immortality and resurrection.
  • To express love and affection, you can choose two palm trees intertwined with each other, just like the two lovebirds.
  • Another element that defines immortality and strength that is a lion can be coupled up with the palm tree.
  • Palm Tree Tattoo with snake


Choosing the quintessential tattoo design:

There are a lot of ideas in store for you, for your perfect tattoo. You can either go with the ancient significance, or you can mix it up with other elements and make it even more meaningful. By any chance, if you want a tattoo that holds personal meaning to you, you can always get the tattoo personalized in your quintessential way by having a conversation with your tattoo artist.

In the end, it is your tattoo, and it will stay with you for your entire life. It is important to ponder over the design of the tattoo and then get one, that holds a special meaning in your life.

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