20+ Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas – One Gesture Different Meanings

praying hands tattoo

What is a praying hands tattoo?

Among various types of tattoos praying hands tattoo perhaps reflects the noblest purpose. But , above of all one should have a clear idea about it. A praying hand tattoo is actually an image of two folded hands attached together with a string from which a cross symbol is hanging.

There are many tattoos which are without any significance , But this one is all the way different. This tattoo has some deep meaning and has a grave significance. For this reason this tattoo is at the top of my favorite list .

The meaning of praying hands tattoo

Praying hands denote a noble cause. The tattoo is itself a message of peace. It is as if choosing the tattoo , the owner has become a messenger of peace. The praying hands symbolize how truly peace and religion is co-related (1).

The faith on GOD is shown through this tattoo. The praying hands tattoo is actually a denial to Man’s lustful desire of war and destruction. The tattoo shows existence of God and the owner of the tattoo to be a firm believer of God.

Why have I chosen this tattoo ?

Without any question, the tattoo shows your true gentle personality. Believe me, among thousands of tattoos , this tattoo will definitely attract people. After having it people around me have missed me and my tattoo only few times.

This tattoo does not only serve your ‘ have a tattoo’ desire but at the same time it will reflect your good mind and a religious soul. Another good part of the tattoo, not to be missed.

There is another part that I think is going to add some extra charm to this tattoo. In some countries praying hands symbolizes a greeting . like in India, two joined hands which is called “namaste”, is actually a greeting symbol (2). So, if you are going to have any trip to Asia then you may not be so uncomfortable to mingle or you will be greeted warmly. How nice ! isn’t it?

How many types of praying hands tattoos are there?

There can be a long list of this praying hands tattoos. Keeping the main theme and purpose in mind this tattoo can be made with different individual choices. I have prepared some tattoo’s list with its symbols and purposes. Now, it is up to you for which purpose you want to have this tattoo.

For the love of humanity

This tattoo is with the symbol of Jesus or with the symbol of cross . The joined hands with the cross symbolizes your eternal love and caring for the entire humanity. The purpose is peace and love .

For the love of your life

The two joined hands and with a symbol of red heart truly reflects your inner love for the love of your life. The purpose is to show your mighty heart . This tattoo can also be made with red roses surrounding a praying hand.

For the love of peace

This tattoo will be without any religious symbols. Because the purpose of this tattoo is only prayer for peace .The joined hands praying for peace for every creature on Earth- is its purpose.

For the love of Nature

This tattoo shows that those hands are actually praying not to kill the trees or destroy nature. The tattoo serves the purpose that the owner is against any destruction to Nature. The tattoo can be made with a burning tree or with rotten leaves or with a black Sun or with some crying animals.

Bleeding Christ

Image by TattooTimes

Praying hands of the bleeding Christ, is perhaps the most sensitive among all of them. The people around you will notice your dedication and faith to Christ . People may even become your follower. This tattoo can also be made with only those hands crucified.

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To show any peaceful message

Only to show a peaceful message around those praying hands may not be a bad idea after all. This praying hands tattoo show you as a pleader who is praying with a particular message, like – ‘pray for peace’ or ‘believe in God’ .

Hands of Mother Teresa

The two joined hands of Mother Teresa praying for peace is a real piece of tattoo. who doesn’t know the name of famous Mother Teresa? The noble winner fought for peace all her life and on your hands such a tattoo will add some dignity to your personality.

Holding a candle in those hands

Candle is a symbol of peace . A praying hands tattoo with candles in those hands is going to add aura to the meaning. It will show the owner of the tattoo to be a messenger of peace from the depth of his/her mind.

White pigeons flying

White pigeon is the symbol of peace. Pigeons have no cast,no race and no religion. It is a universal symbol of peace. The praying hands image with white pigeons flying will surely serve the purpose of the tattoo.

Hands of an Angel

To show the praying hands of an Angel white wings in the background of the image can be shown. An angel is a messenger of peace. The wings with the praying hand convey a message of peace.

Heavenly light

The glorious light through the white clouds falling on the praying hands is widely tattooed. I have seen many people with this image. Sometimes a symbol of cross can also be given . This light is the light of hope. It tells whatever bad happens to you God is always there to give you another chance with a new ray of hope.

Crying Lady

A tattoo of an hooded crying lady with her praying hands , is growing popular day by day. The lady can be Mother Mary or some symbol of purity of women. But, this praying hands tattoo do have an appeal for the sake of peace.

Final Words

There are so many types but the above list shows some of the trending ones . This tattoo with its profound sense of peace is really a worthy one to be on your skin. The noble purpose reflected through this tattoo is almost irresistible to get noticed. Hopefully you got some praying hand tattoo ideas that you like from our collection.

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