Profade Review – Progressive fading ! Does it work ?

Profade Review

Profade Review – Getting Started

Do you remember how exciting it was when you got inked? All that mattered at that time was to get the most unique or innovative design on to your skin. It is quite natural that when you are excited about something, you tend to exclude the possibility of something going wrong.

More often than you think, people who get a tattoo, knowing that they are permanent, want to get them removed. So naturally, a market that offers a solution to this problem just becomes rampant. Just to make things more frustrating when you’re trying to get that ink off of your skin, you find a zillion products in the market that claim to be a magical solution to your problem.

Profade is a tattoo removal cream that promises to fade or decolour your tattoo in a few months. It is formulated in a 3 step action and helps fade the ink with daily application over a period of time. As it is marketed to be pain-free and much cheaper than the surgical or the laser methods, it attracts a lot of interest.

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As with any product to be used on the skin, you will need to really do your bit of research before you jump in and make an impulsive buy. You should at least read up reviews by other users on the internet or on product review forums.

We sure did a bit of research to save up your time and this is what we found! You’ll probably thank us for it later.

Googled it, of course!

A quick search on Google, showed a lot of results, mostly only about websites that sold the cream. We noticed something unusual, that the product was being aggressively marketed on the online stores with the tag line β€œThe Daily Use of Profade Helps De-color Tattoos in a Time Period of 3-9 Months”.

We know from experience that usually multi-level-marketing products are the ones that have this kind of aggressive marketing. They are usually priced much higher than their original cost and mostly don’t work. They also require you to use the product for a period of time so that you will need to buy more of it. This was a big red flag! But we did not want to give up already.

Poor and scathing reviews

The only place where we could find some actual review of the product by real users instead of the same repetitive product information was, on Amazon. Out of the handful of reviews, we found that all of them were bashing up the product. Don’t trust us ? You can go to Amazon and search “Profade” , then see reviews for yourself .

None of them seem to be even close to satisfied with the removal cream.

While the product website claims that you will start seeing results right from the first application, the unanimous verdict of the online reviewers was that it did not work even after many applications and that it was a total waste of money. I would definitely not throw away 60 bucks just to give Profade the benefit of the doubt.

A website speaks volumes, quite literally

Any carefully researched product of good quality, manufactured by a reputed company will make sure they have a professional website and give you in-depth information about the product. In contrast, what you find is a shoddy website with bare minimum details.

What you will find in plenty are ads and links that redirect you to other marketing sites that have the sole purpose of convincing and luring you into buying the product. The FAQ of sorts that cover their home page is no more than the repetition of the same product information. I would definitely stop and go find another product at this point.

Magical concoction with miraculous properties!

The tattoo removal cream claims to be pain-free, non-scarring and non-abrasive. Profade also claims that it is recommended by doctors, but you won’t find anything concrete regarding this. It also follows the popular technique of projecting it as an all-natural and gentle cream which has ingredients like tea tree oil and orange peel extract.

But when you see the big list of ingredients all with different chemical names in each of the three step formula, you can’t help but wonder how natural this product really is. Adding a few drops of natural ingredients to a chemical concoction is not going to make it all natural. Big red flag!

Not a drug, no prescription required

Profade is marketed as a cream that does not require any prescription for purchase, as it is not a drug. If you carefully look into the ingredients, you will find that it contains Salicylic acid. This is widely used in medically prescribed formulations for treating a variety of skin conditions.

Its main action is to remove the dead cells on the top layers of the skin. This is definitely an ingredient that needs medical prescription as there is no mention of its concentration used in the cream. It is also supposed to be friendly on all skin types.

Forget removing the tattoo, you don’t want to end up with damaged or scarred skin on top of that tattoo that you already dislike so much now.


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Missing information

You can try all you want, but you won’t find exactly how much of the product is there in each of those three little tubes. Most of Profade listing makes a vague mention of ‘4 ounces’ under shipping weight and that’s all.

I can’t imagine how long a 4 ounce tube is going to last if the recommended number of application is twice daily and for a period of 3 to 9 months. Read that as 60 bucks times 9 and you already know that the answer is a big ‘No’.

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Conclusion & Our Rating

In-depth Profade Review

Ok, so you have already proved that you are a daredevil by getting inked. You don’t have to prove it again by trying a product like Profade. There is enough information right in front of your eyes to suggest that it could be dangerous and not even work.

If that tattoo bothers you so much, look into other options, even laser removal for that matter, with the help of your Doctor. We are sure, you won’t have more regrets, and the money you spend will be for actual results not a fake product!


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