Sacred Geometry Tattoos – 30+ Ideas Most People DON’T KNOW ABOUT

sacred geometry tattoo


Sacred geometry tattoos are patterns that are used to symbolize things, events or happenings in the world people live in. They are in different shapes and patterns to represent some meaning in life. People may put tattoos even if they symbolize different meanings to them.

The use of sacred geometry tattoos started in the ancient times and some of the symbols are still used today. In the past these sacred geometry tattoos were connected to religious or spiritual practices hence the name sacred (1). There is also a belief which says sacred geometry tattoo is associated with a god said to be a geometer of the world hence the name sacred geometry tattoo.

The word geometry in the name sacred geometry tattoo means that designs are made from the geometric shapes and proportions when designing these tattoos. They have mathematical shapes like a triangle or rectangle from where they are designed. Most of them have repeating lines to depict balance and symmetry. (2)

Types of sacred geometry tattoos designs

Metatron Cube

Most of the sacred geometry tattoos used in the ancient times was of three dimension designs whose symbols represented different meanings. The different types include: Metatron Cube which represents fruit of life. This design had thirteen design features originating from the center of a circle imitating a flower structure hence it was also called flower of life.


There is also a Cube which was a cube like design representing the earth as a symbol of stability. Another design was a Tetrahedron which had four triangular faces. This design looked like symbol of fire to represent power. It was mean to connect physical and spiritual dimensions.


For healing and compassion, an Octahedron tattoo design with eight triangular faces was designed to symbolize air. There was also an Owl design which was made to represent intelligence and wisdom. To represent harmony Fractal Shells which had spiral pattern was designed to show the nature cannot be scaled.


There is also a Mandala which was circle in shape containing some floral structures used to represent Buddhist and Hindu traditions. This was designed to represent harmony, balance and unity. To represent change the symbol for water called Icosahedron tattoo was designed. Finally in Greek, there were two common deigns. One was a design standing for serpent which destroys its own tail called Ourobus to represent circle of life and volatility. There was also Gordion Knot representing interlocking rings to symbolize unity.

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are among the oldest sacred geometry tattoos dating back to 2500BC. Initially anchor tattoos symbolized Christian faith. The shape of anchor tattoo was associated with the shape of Jesus cross. It was
kept as a secret by civilians then because those found with it risked being persecuted.

In those days, anchor tattoo shape was meant to represented Jesus connection to the sea, however in relation to other humans, anchor tattoo shapes represents other meanings like in the navy world they represent stability and strength. Most people who use anchor tattoos use them as a reminder to be strong in life even if they are experiencing storms in life.


Types of anchor tattoos and their different meanings

Just like other sacred geometry tattoos, anchor tattoo comes in different designs which portray different meaning behind each of them. For instance there is Anchor and Rope tattoo. This tattoo design has a rope and represents anchor that has insecure holding.

This anchor was initially represented in Lord Howard of Effingham’s family seal. During the battle with Spanish Armanda, British Navy led by Lord Howard defeated Spanish Armanda. As a symbol of remembrance for this victory, the anchor and rope tattoo became an important symbol in the British Navy. The U.S. Navy later adopted this tattoo design. Apart from anchor and rope tattoo adopted by U.S. Navy, they also use Navy anchors tattoos designs to represent patriotism and devotion in their work

Another anchor tattoo is Rose and Anchor which represents love, sacrifice and loyalty. The rose in the tattoo symbolizes love and passion while the anchor is a reminder for celebration of sacrifices one makes in the line of duty.

Chest anchor tattoo is also common among men with hairy chest. However those with hairy chest can also have chest anchor tattoo. The chest anchor tattoo represents one’s ability to use bad situations that come your way to better yourself. This tattoo has a bird toe represent change and peace.

There is also birds and anchor tattoo. This tattoo means that on is able to stand and stay put in case there are problems they are going through. Also due to the fact that this tattoo has birds, it shows that one is free, transformed and is experiencing changes in their life.

Celtic anchor tattoo is another tattoo which was used by Celtic people in honoring those people who spend a lot of time travelling and voyaging in the sea. Celtic anchor tattoo represents connection of people with the sea. Apart from Celtic tattoos being used as body arts by Celtic people, they were integral part of the activities they were doing for they would intimidate their opponents psychologically since Celtic people were going to the battle field naked.

Faith, hope, love anchor tattoo is a tattoo can also be put on to symbolize faith, and hope in God in someone’s life. This tattoo always has a cross, heart and an anchor. This tattoo is believed to bring positive things in life. Anchor and compass tattoo is also common for sailors. This tattoo has a compass which helps in protecting the sailors from harm and danger.

Watercolor and compass tattoo is used to represent safety and help the person putting it and to fight through hard situations. Also it is believed that if you are lost and you are wearing Watercolor and compass tattoo, it can help you get direction. Anchor and rudder tattoo is commonly used by nautical lovers and represents willingness to hold on your life and direct is to where you want it to go.Motivational anchor tattoo can also be put on the leg or part of hand which is not covered. They are meant to send an inspirational or motivational message

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