Tattoo Ideas For Men – 40+ Unusual Ideas That Surprise You

tattoo ideas for men

Tattoo Designs For Male

Before going into our collection about tattoo ideas for men . Let’s talk about Tattoo real quick.

Tattoos carry lots of meanings and different people have tattoos for different reasons, all representing various aspects of life and various beliefs. If you want to get a tattoo and have no idea on what to be tattooed, it is important to do a detailed research and find out on various tattoos and what they represent. Even though nowadays there are tattoo removers hence tattoos have ceased being permanent,it is still important to be careful on what is drawn on your skin.

There are other factors to consider, such as do you want it to be seen by everyone public or do you want a hidden one, one that only you or close ones. Size of the tattoos also matter. Small tattoos are better when on the arm while large tattoos are best suitable for the back and the chest and can be extended later when you need to. Find a safe tattooist who is affordable but offers great work and also have safety measures. Let’s have a look at some of the best tattoo ideas for men.

Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning

Beetle tattoos

The scarab beetle tattoo started from ancient Egypt. The scarab beetle is known for rolling cow dung into a quite large well rounded ball, hence it is referred to as a creator (1). It therefore can be used to indicate creative powers of one to create his own world and do things his own way. It was also found in the Pharaoh’s pyramids to remind people of the powers of Pharaoh to the ordinary citizens. They are closely related to power and divine as they also represent the powerful connections to creations.

Ladybug tattoo

In the ancient times, it was believed that the ladybug carried luck and when it landed, it was believed that the luck of the ladybug was on you. Farmers in various parts of the world also believe that ladybugs protects their crops from
harmful pests. Therefore, the ladybug represents love, luck and protection and is a great tattoo idea for men.

Bear tattoos

Bears are strong animals that are very protective of their families. The female bears are also very caring to their young ones and furthermore, bears are known to have a very deep connection with mother nature. Therefore, bears are associated with courage, bravery, confidence, protection, care, motherhood and strength, making a bear tattoo one of great tattoo ideas for men.

Panda bear tattoos ideas for men

They represent good luck and harmony and since they are rare, they also signify uniqueness.

Grizzly bear tattoos

The grizzly bears are known for their character to scare away humans and other animals. Therefore, a grizzly bear tattoo will signify a warrior spirit of the bear, strength and power.

Polar bears tattoos

They are found in the arctic areas. They are greatly known for their endless devotion and love to their clubs and also their superb hunting nature. Therefore a polar bear tattoo signifies true endless love and devotion and protection.

Koala bear tattoos

Koala bear is one of amazing tattoo ideas for men. The koala bear is known for its calm nature and its ability to blend in with nature and other animals and even make friends. It is known to have a deep connection with nature. Koala bear tattoos signify lots of wisdom, calmness, protection and a deep connection to nature.

Wolf tattoos

Wolf’s are closely related to the coyote, a favourite dog to humans, and also generally the ancestor to dogs, man’s best friends with some breeds of dogs resembling the wolf with its pack nature and the need of an alpha dog,
therefore wolfs hold a special place in humans’ hearts.

Wolfs are known as fearless night predators and are known to be associated with great qualities such as protectors, noble leaders, power and strength, family due to their pack nature and they stick together, intelligence and communication. Wolf’s image is amazing and worth to add to your favorite tattoo ideas for men.

Wolf eyes tattoos

It is known that the eyes are a reflection of your heart. Therefore, wolf eyes tattoos signify that you deeply understand the world you and also they reflect inner strength and power. Never looses focus.

Wolf paw tattoos

Wolf paw tattoos are used to signify that you keep moving forward, physically, emotionally and spiritually and that you are never stagnant, it is a symbol of steady progress. If you’re a dog lover like me, you would love to have paw tattoo added to your “tattoo ideas for men” list.

Wolf claw tattoos

They signify a fearless fighting wolf and therefore wolf claw tattoos signify fierce physical and spiritual battles and also brings out the symbol of power and strength.

Panther tattoo

The panther is also known as the puma or the mountain lion. They are very rarely seen and they live a very secret life in the mountains do to the risks and endangerments of the outside world. They are very fierce and also passionate and they have a unique copper colour that is believed to be the totem of the sun.

Pumas can spend a lot of time in one place just contemplating and they always seem to be absorbing the energy around them to understand their environment and therefore people who relate themselves with the pumas are more listeners and talk less so they understand the world around them. But they combine this nature with fierceness and being very protective.

The female puma will go to any heights and will attack any attacker who threatens her cubs, it doesn’t matter on the size therefore they also represent protection. The panther tattoos signify power, strength, patience, protection and
keen observations. (2)

Eagle tattoos

These are common tattoos though most people may not know what eagle tattoos symbolize. This is a majestic bird that since ancient times, it depicts power, wisdom and and signifies spiritual connections as it was believed to be a
messenger of the gods. It is associated with power and dominance, focus since it has a very sharp eyesight and also represents body masculinity.

Eagle tattoos with double heads

This tattoo is highly associated with honor. It is found in most governments official seals and powerful company logos as it also depicts power, wisdom and dominance.

Tattoos of the feathers of an eagle

It signifies a deep connection with nature. They also signify a strong healing power and great medicinal value.

The eyes of an eagle tattoo

The eagle is known to have a very sharp and moreover, its focus is good as it can focus on an object when very high in the sky and therefore the eagle eyes tattoo is used to signify a strong sense of vision and focus.

Phoenix tattoos

The phoenix happens to be a mythical creature which is claimed that when burnt, it rises from the ashes with more strength and power than even before. There is no exact image associated with the phoenix and therefore images may vary. It originated during the times when Christians were being killed for their faith and it symbolized the Resurrection of Jesus, with more power and strength. They are more religious and depict strong faith, Resurrection, prosperity and long life.

Heart tattoos

Heart tattoos have a very wide variation of meanings and symbols.

Black heart tattoos

They are used to symbolize a bad day or a bad phase of life that someone has gone through. They may also be used to signify the loss of a loved one. They signify sadness and also to remind us that dark days and moments are part of life.

Blue heart tattoos

The blue represents frozen water and therefore blue heart tattoos may represent an individual’s frozen heart, maybe due to their nature or maybe they are undergoing a lot of stress. With added flames, it can decipher a different meaning of a strong passion and inner fire.

Linked hearts tattoos

These are tattoo designs with interlocking hearts. They are mainly used to symbolize strong love between you and your loved ones and family.

Crying heart tattoos

This are used to decipher problems and hardships that one has gone through. They can be also personified with the individual’s face to bring out a deeper meaning.

A bleeding heart tattoo

This tattoo design symbolizes that a person’s heart is fading away and losing strength after they lost a loved one by death.

There are more variations of heart tattoos with very deep meanings therefore you should get to know the symbol before you get it drawn.

Zodiac signs tattoos

Zodiac signs represent the four elements which include fire, water, air and Earth. Each zodiac sign represents various strengths and weaknesses and we can relate to them to our birth dates. The zodiac signs are 12 in total and each element has 3 zodiac signs. They are very expensive but they are worth it.

Aquarius tattoos

They fall under the element of water,associated with people born between Jan 21st and Feb 19th.. Aquarians are loyal, friendly, honest, and have a humanitarian outlooks. Their weaknesses include being unpredictable and being on the contrary.

Aries tattoos

They fall under the element of fire and the symbol is a ram. Aries have a positive side of bravery and being intelligent. They are also known to be energetic and enthuastic. The negative qualities include short temper, and finding themselves more important than others.

Taurus Tattoo

They fall under the element of earth. They represent qualities such sense of responsibility, art, great food and luxury. The negative sides include laziness, stubborn and greed. Falls under people born between April 21st and May 21st .

Gemini Tattoos

These falls under the element of air, and is associated with people born between May 22nd and June 21st . the Geminis are known to have great communication skills, friendly, funny, intelligent and easy to interact but they can have a hard time controlling their nerves.

Cancer Tattoo


They fall under the element of water, people born between June 22nd and July 22nd. Their sign is a crab. The crabs are known to be adventurous, have a high intuition, compassionate caring and very sensitive. But on the other hand, they tend to be too sensitive and have hard time letting things go.

You can check on the other zodiac signs based on your date of birth so you get your zodiac sign tattoo is you are a deep believer of zodiac signs.

Bio mechanical tattoos

There are men who don’t really care about deep meanings of tattoos and they just want to look cool or just express their love for machines or mechanical equipment, hence the name bio mechanical tattoos. They have more of a 3D design that tend to show the “inside” of the body.

The most common bio mechanical tattoo is one whereby it shows the skin ripped apart, then a 3D image of springs, shock, wires, metal joints are drawn to “represent” the inside part of the skin. It is an expensive type of tattoos and they require very high skills, and also time as they contain a lot of details, especially the coloured ones but most of them are drawn in black and gray style.

The endless knot tattoos

They basically signify karma. Originating from the Buddhists, endless knot tattoos are a way to remind us that what goes around comes back around and that everything in the universe is related and there are no coincidences. They
signify that our present is the roots connected to the future.

Christian cross tattoo

This is one of the most meaningful tattoos as they represent religion. It could be the strong christian faith and catholic faith. Though some people may have other beliefs on crosses.

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The Horus eye tattoo

The eye offers a wide platform for various interpretations but the most basic symbolism is that of care, protection and healing power. This makes it a great idea for men’s tattoo because of the deep interpretations.

For some of us, tattoos are just cool and trendy ways to keep with the trends but to others, they relay strong messages, beliefs, cultures and even their inner feelings. So before you get a tattoo, get to know the purpose and its
connection to inner feelings as it maybe interpreted wrongly if you don’t do a good research.

We wish you got some favorite tattoo ideas for men in this collection ! Next step, make sure you found your self a good artist 🙂 . Good Luck

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