Tattoo Off – or Is it Totally Off The Shelf ?

Tattoo OFF Review

Tattoo OFF Review

When you see a person with a tattoo or even better, a whole body tattoo, the first impression that comes to our mind is that he/ she is a very cool person, wearing body art and carrying it off so well!

They are certainly a very adventurous lot, who do not hesitate to show off their appreciation of art and what is close to them, by getting it tattooed on their body. They are definitely passionate souls who are very expressive!

A tattoo gone horribly wrong

Now, what if a newbie decides to get a tattoo done, just for the sake of experimenting? And the whole experiment goes wrong, right from the location of the tattoo, to the awfully shoddy job done by the tattoo artist?

Are there any ways and methods to remove the tattoos, without going in for the painful laser treatments, dermabrasions or other procedures?

Can we seek any solutions on the internet ?

A quick search on the internet gives us a great variety of options of different creams that help in the removal of tattoos without having to shell out money on laser treatments.

Tattoo Off

One such cream is the “Tattoo OFF cream”, that promises to erase the tattoo ink and lots more. According to information provided on the websites, the cream promises to erase even permanent makeup! Too good to be true, is it? Just apply the cream and whoa! Your tattoo simply vanishes! Permanent make up that is supposedly permanent is off in a jiffy!

Something fishy

Despite the borderline hyperbole that the manufacturers are selling us, and the suspiciously rosy reviews found on the website, the thing that makes us think twice about the product is the claim that it makes removing a tattoo very easy.

For the sake of clarity, tattoos aren’t on the surface of your skin, but on the second layer, or dermis layer, of skin.

For a removal cream to penetrate the skin’s layers and remove indelible ink is a bit suspect and makes you wonder exactly what it has in it that makes the manufacturer so sure of its effectiveness! There is just no mention anywhere stating the intended use of the product, such as whether it is good for old tattoos or new tattoos etc.

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Not an attractive website

The whole website layout is very minimalistic. For a product that claims to remove the tattoos and permanent makeup, surely, a professional website layout is expected. But alas! That is not the case.

Except for a few tabs, there is nothing more to it. Even the contact us tab is so very rudimentary, without any information about the manufacturing company’s name, address and other details.

There is not even a customer care number. For a company that claims that Tattoo OFF is a revolutionary cream, isn’t it natural to expect that little bit of professionalism to be present?

tattoo-off review website

tattoo-off website , see how poorly it is .

Red flags

Well! There are so many signals that go on to prove that this cream by some unknown company is not as great as it claims to be. A customer care number is the least that one can expect to get.

Another red flag is the credit card bill reflecting the name Beauplexa, when nowhere in the website, the company’s name as Beauplexa Cosmetics is mentioned.

Unmarked generic boxes are what are used to ship the products within the USA and worldwide. Seriously speaking, we live in an era where every bit of the product does its own share of self-marketing, right from the product company, to the actual product and not to forget the shipping packaging.

Generic plain packaging is a turn off. Who sends such a great product that the website claims, in generic packaging? What happened to the marketing strategies? How can one simply rely on the claims of the product without any of the additional paraphernalia to show and prove that this is genuine?

Some general and medical facts unknown to many:

  • Tattoo is done by placing the tattoo ink into the deeper layers of the skin. And so tattoos do not just go away like that within a jiffy.
  • The deeper layer of the skin is called the dermis.
  • No standard or regular cream can penetrate deep into this layer.
  • Regular creams work only on the outer, epidermal layer of the skin.
  • Acid based and TCA based creams can only penetrate deep into that dermal layer of the skin, but their safety is a matter to be questioned. They cause many unwanted skin reactions.
  • TCA based creams are very harmful as the cream eats into the layers of the skin and reach the innermost dermis layer of the skin. It causes scarring which is even more horrible than the actual tattoo itself that is being removed.
  • FDA does not recommend do it yourself products. (cosmetic) (1)
  • Tattoo removal creams are not proven clinically effective.


Our Verdict

Tattoo OFF is nothing but an over-the-counter tattoo fading cream, with no substantial claims. It goes on a high sales pitch about the easy to use feature and the relatively inexpensive cost of tattoo removal.

Tattoo OFF has simple natural botanical ingredients that cannot reach into the deeper layers of the skin to remove the tattoo ink. Just the mere superficial application of a cream, time after time, does not guarantee the removal of a tattoo.

Tattoo Off Review
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Conclusion & Our Rating

Tattoo Off Review

A superficially applied cream like Tattoo OFF cannot reach these innermost layers as the ingredients list says that it free from TCA and has all botanical ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice, extracts of lemon and Calendula flower, sage and rosemary leaves and orange peel.

Only magical creams are promoted in the internet. Take our suggestion. Be wise and smart and know the facts before falling prey to such gimmicks and ridiculous solutions for tattoo removal.

The so called magical creams are nothing but just plain hype and there is no truth to it. There is simply no cream that can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where tattoo ink has been put.

We suggest you to simply have a good chat with a doctor or a dermatologist and explore other effective, clinically safe and proven methods of tattoo removal. Do not fall prey to creams like Tattoo OFF, as even doctors do not recommend it.

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