Astounding facts behind Tattoo Removal Cream

tattoo removal cream

WHY Tattoo Removal Cream ?

If your tattoo no longer kindles the kind of emotions that it once used to, it can quickly become an eyesore that affects you mentally every moment it is there on your body. The first and obvious reaction would be to get rid of it. But when you consider the options at hand, you quickly realize that removing the tattoo seems to be a lot more tedious than getting it done in the first place. That’s where the lure of something as simple as a ‘tattoo removal cream’ comes in.

Often touted as the ‘painless’ way to get rid of old and unwanted tattoos, a tattoo removal cream is something that everybody who’s ever gotten a tattoo done wants in their pockets. After all, it completely fades the tattoo to the point of invisibility in a few days, right?

Wrong. If ever there was an industry that thrives on misinformation and false advertisements, it is tattoo removal. Each day, we receive countless emails and queries from hapless customers who have been taken for a ride with tattoo removal creams and other bull crap being peddled as harmless ways to remove tattoos.

tattoo removal cream side effects

tattoo removal cream side effects

We figured that it was time for some myth busting and also to share with you, what according to us is the only way to successfully remove tattoos without undergoing through hours of agony again.

But before we get to it, let us explain the flawed logic behind the so called ‘tattoo removal cream’ and also the fact why it is absolute crap.

What is a tattoo removal cream ?

The entire premise that tattoo removal creams are based on is very enticing for a person with a large and ungainly tattoo that they would like to get rid off as soon as possible. It is easy, painful and an over-the-counter solution to remove tattoos which would otherwise need to be removed with laser.

In reality though, tattoo removal creams are plain ineffective.

These creams usually contain Hydroquinone, Alpha Arbutin or TCA and claim to help dissolve the tattoo pigments which will then be absorbed in the body and fade from your skin surface.

The problem with these claims is that the tattoo pigment is embedded into the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin. The pigment is made up of large sized molecules which the body’s white blood cells or macrophages cannot eat up. So, it becomes permanent and irremovable.

For a tattoo removal cream to fade or remove these pigments, it would have to penetrate into the dermis and start breaking down the pigment into smaller sized molecules which the body can dispose-off safely.

It simply cannot do that. Instead, these chemicals in the cream cause a severe reaction on the skin which is akin to bleaching the upper layer. In many cases, it leaves the skin sore, sensitive and highly prone to infection.

home tattoo removal

How does a tattoo removal cream work?

One of the common ingredients in a tattoo removal cream is trichloroacetic acid, also known as TCA in short. This chemical causes a burn so intense that it can leave the user in severe pain. It is often advertised as a chemical peel and a safe way to remove tattoos. Make no mistake; it is neither of the two.

Any tattoo removal cream that claims to be able to remove tattoos safely is in essence bleaching the upper layer which may at best fade the appearance of the tattoo. But the actual tattoo will still remain unaffected.

In most cases, the user feels that the treatment with the cream needs to be continued for a longer period of time to experience results. After continually applying the cream for a few days, the skin burn becomes very severe. In one case, a person had to be rushed to the ER after complaining of severe burning sensation on his skin after using a tattoo removal cream.

It was found to be trichloroacetic acid solution that caused a deep burn and the user had to undergo split skin grafting to heal the burns.

The TOP brands that you are likely to hear

Almost everyone who wants to get rid of a tattoo will consider opting for an OTC solution, if ever one existed. And tattoo removal creams are aggressively marketed with fancy names and glossy advertisements. You are more than likely to encounter a few when you start searching for removal options. Let us reiterate what we have already mentioned a few times.

None of these creams will work to remove your tattoos. At best, you will lose your money. At worst, you will be left with a severe skin burn and a possible wound that can get infected. DETAILED REVIEWS INCLUDED FOR EACH OF THESE BRANDS . WE DON’T JUST TALK , WE DID RESEARCHS AND HAVE PROOFS .

Trufade: The first and most likely product name you will hear is Trufade which claims to be all-natural and free of any toxic chemical ingredients. How does it remove the tattoo then? It claims to contain Chromabright™ and Gigawhite™ which are skin ‘lighteners’. Does that ring a bell? Lightener = bleach. So, under the guise of schmancy names, you are being peddled the same old bleach in a bottle.  What is even worse is that there are no user reviews for Trufade except for the ones being shown on the company website. Well, we find the authenticity of these reviews questionable. It is not available on online retailers like Amazon or eBay. The only way to believe what Trufade claims is to take it on face value. One word, Scam!

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Wrecking Ball: At least these guys didn’t sweat it out trying to erase negative reviews off the face of the internet and there’s tons of them. It is a chemical abrasion system that contains a gel, a cream and a buffer or scrubber which must be used thrice a week to see results. The user reviews indicate how ineffective the product is. It will only fade the tattoo slightly and for that, it takes months of daily use for even that to happen.

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Tattoo Off: 82% negative reviews on Amazon. Need we say more? Save your money and time and choose something that works.

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Is laser the only way to remove tattoos?

how does laser tattoo removal work

how does laser tattoo removal work

Most dermatologists will point you towards laser as the only effective way to remove tattoos. This is partly true because laser is undoubtedly the most popular and also the most expensive way to get rid of your tattoo.

Lasers used for tattoo removal are either Q-switch or ultra-short pulse and use hot and fast beams to break down the large ink molecules into smaller parts that can then be flushed out by the body’s immune system. One of the most popular ones is Picolaser.

In theory, it seems like a very simple and easy process. But in reality, it is one of the most time intensive and painful processes that can scar your skin and take multiple sessions. Darker tattoo inks are usually the easiest to break down. Lighter colors on the other hand can take months to break down.

If you are heavily tattooed, you are looking at months or even years of continual laser therapy with intense post therapy care for the wound. Usually, sessions of laser tattoo removal are scheduled a few weeks away from each other allowing the wound to heal fully before the laser is used again.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that the average cost can range from $200 – $500 per session of tattoo removal in a skilled and licensed dermatologists’ clinic. This price can also vary depending on how large the tattoo is and how deep the pigments are and most importantly, how experienced the surgeon is.

This is what makes most people look for alternative ways to remove their tattoos. Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars and undergo weeks of pain to have ink removed from their bodies.

That’s precisely why we absolutely swear by ‘The laserless tattoo removal guide’, an informative booklet that lets you completely erase any tattoo from your body without using toxic chemicals or painful lasers. Sounds too good to be true? Here are a few details that you must know.

Removing tattoos without creams and lasers

In many parts of the world, tattooing is carried out as a ritual and a rite-of-passage act without the use of sophisticated machinery. Their tattoos are exquisite and often more elaborate than some of the tattoos made by expert artists. Yet, they also remove the tattoos without using laser or chemical creams. All it takes is a few all-natural herbs for the ink in the body to be broken down allowing the immune system to remove it completely.

These herbs can even be sourced from your neighborhood drugstore and are completely safe for use. That’s what you get with the tattoo removal guide.

A safe, effective and easy way to remove any tattoo from your body, no matter how colorful it is. Unlike most other forms of tattoo removal, you do not have to apply anything to your skin without being aware of what it is or how it is going to work.

You wont be bleaching your skin or burning the upper layer to get a temporary faded appearance which looks worse than the original tattoo. Instead, the tattoo removal guide is informative and empowers you with the knowledge you need to remove the tattoo yourself.

For us, it was an eye opener. So much so, that we firmly believe that it is the best kept secret in the world of tattoo removal. Maybe there are vested interests behind it and keeping it a secret is in the best interests of a lot of people.

Anyway, if you are contemplating buying a tattoo removal cream, then do yourself a favor and check out the Tattoo removal guide first. You’d be cursing yourself later for not trying this first anyway. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You cannot go wrong with it.

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