Tattoo Vanish Review – Does it work ?

tattoo vanish review

tattoo vanish review

Tattoo During Past Few Decades

During the past few decades tattoos experienced a massive grow in popularity throughout the world. Once sought as painful reminders of one’s social status (slaves in the Roman Empire were given tattooed numbers as well as a mark of the house they belonged to.

Holocaust prisoners were also tattooed numbers on their skin as rudimentary tracking method), job affiliation (sailors are known to be one of the first “free” people to tattoo their skins), tattoos are now the ultimate symbol of freedom and free will.

Moreover, many youngsters nowadays start getting their bodies covered in tattoos out of coolness or in order to appear “tougher”, more “gangsta” or feared among others. Nevertheless, the popular action of getting a tattoo resembles the union before God (marriage), when couples claim everlasting love and devotion.

Tattoo Removal

However, just like people can change their minds when it comes to marriage and get divorced, similarly, permanent tattoos can vanish once their owner no longer wants them on their body.

laser tattoo removal methodUnfortunately, most tattoo removing methods imply physical pain, as well as large resources of money and time. Laser treatments are both expensive and painful, without guaranteeing the total removal of the tattoo.

Microdermabrasion or micro-peeling represent other alternatives, but the proceedings are also long and cost enough. Under these circumstances, what is left to try? Read below about tattoo vanish review and judge for yourself the different methods of removing a tattoo.


home tattoo removal

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What is Tattoo Vanish ?

No matter how much you think you will not regret having that tattoo done in the 12th grade, you will come to acknowledge your mistake over the years.

You may not have the same boyfriend or simply had a hideous tattoo in the first place that now you want vanished. For all of you who chose the wrong canvas for their permanent ink, there are a few methods of removing permanent tattoos.

tattoo vanish creatorThe Tattoo Vanish product represents the result of plenty of years working in the tattoo and permanent makeup field. Created by Mary Arnold-Ronish , this 100% natural product promises to help you get rid of old new tattoos in no time.

Arnold has over 30 years of experience in the field and decided that technology has now advanced sufficiently so that it can provide people with a non-invasive and harmless method of getting rid of tattoos.

The procedure created and patented by dr. Arnold is far less painful than the traditional one involving lasers and it guarantees no ugly scars.

Although lasers remain the most efficient method of getting rid of a permanent tattoo, depending on the length or the complexity of the tattoo some will never vanish completely, while some others will be replaced by ugly or painful scars.

The Tattoo Vanish promises to get you rid of all pain. Ever since Dr. Arnold has perfected this method, this has become superior to any other laser treatment. The most important thing about Tattoo Vanish is that it is all natural, meaning no more acids and other potentially harmful and hazardous substances.

Tattoo Vanish Pros

– 100% natural method. The product promises to only include natural, non-harmful ingredients that will act gently even when it comes to the softest or sensitive skin. The product does not contain any acids or toxic substances, minimizing the risk of possible skin allergies or side effects in time.

– It is cheaper. Although laser treatments are considered the most efficient method of removing unwanted permanent tattoos, they are often expensive and take forever. Usually, when using laser, your skin is burned and risks the appearance of scars or nasty side effects.

Moreover, you only get rid of your tattoo after at least 3-4 laser sessions. Each laser session can cost up to several hundreds of dollars meaning that, by the end of the treatment, you risk having no money, no tattoo but a noticeable scar.

In addition, laser sessions cannot be repeated sooner than 4-6 weeks, meaning that it might even take up to a year for your tattoo to be removed and the skin to be totally recovered.

non laser tattoo removal


– No cover-ups. For those of you who want to get rid of an old tattoo but still lack the necessary amount of money and time to engage into laser treatments, cover-ups can become the second most viable solution.

However, no matter how skilled your new tattoo artist is, a cover-up will always remain this – a cover-up. No matter how complex your design above is, a specialized eye will always tell the difference between covering a white canvas with ink and re-adding the ink into the same spot in order to do a cover-up as natural as possible.

Tattoo Vanish promises to help you get rid of this problem as well. Thanks to its unique blend of ingredients and non-harmful methods, Tattoo Vanish will determine your tattoo to vanish in no time.

– No side effects. Since it is 100% natural and does not contain any acids or toxic substances, the product can be easily used by anyone fully trained to use the method.

– Remove all sorts of tattoos and permanent make-up. When appealing to laser, you might still end up having a few gray or black shades remaining from your old tattoo. This is not the case with Tattoo Vanish as it will help fade away even the toughest inks, no matter if they are white, black, gray or colored.

Moreover, the method is also successfully used to remove permanent make-up and act on the sensitive areas of your body where laser cannot reach.

Tattoo Vanish Cons

– Although not exactly a tattoo remover with laser, the Tattoo Vanish method is quite pricey as well. However, when it comes to quality and improving the appearance and looks of your skin, professionals are required.

– Mixed reviews. While some customers were fully satisfied with the results and rushed into sharing before/ after sets of pictures, other were completely unsatisfied, claiming the product is a total scam and will not help you get rid of your tattoos.

Home Tattoo Removal

If you’re not sure about these methods as there are so many mixed reviews as well as expensive price without guaranteed results .

I suggest you have a look at our in-depth articles , we included everything you need to know to remove your tattoo from home successfully , no pain , no big price , just a little of patience .

Home Tattoo Removal – Natural Tattoo Removal Methods


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