In-depth Trufade Review . Does Trufade Really Work ?

trufade reviewAbout Trufade

From laser removal to professional artists that specialize in “covering up” old tattoos, the tattoo removal industry is as diverse as it is popular; millions of Dollars being spent each year in the hope of a quick fix to our earlier indiscretions! (1)

The latest product on the block, is a tattoo removal and fading cream called Trufade. This product promises so much, from a lack of harsh chemicals to a reduction in colored and black pigments in tattoos.

Trufade also promised a formula that doesn’t contain HCA or Hydroquinone, two common and rather toxic substances often added to tattoo removal creams. They also promise that the cream is non-irritant, thanks in part to the natural ingredients used.

However, even though the main sales website appears completely professional and of a high quality, something doesn’t quite add up! As we’re about to discover, Trufade appears to be a product that nobody talks about!

Weird, as a tattoo removal method that doesn’t involve painful lazer surgery should be a huge thing, surely ?

The Early Warning Signs

One of the peculiar things we noticed about Trufade, was a complete lack of negative reviews on the internet. Generally speaking, once a product has been around for a while, a wide range of reviews come out – some good and some completely scathing!

However, in this case, nothing, nada, zilch!

It doesn’t completely add up!

We can’t completely prove that many of these reviews are fake; however, the warning signs are there are many of these awesome reviews may be less that organic!

What About Amazon and eBay?

Here’s where things become even weirder! You won’t find Trufade on Amazon nor eBay either, a real downer as this is my “go to place” for genuine online reviews, written by actual customers like you and me.

There are unconfirmed reports that Trufade is actually banned from eBay, which doesn’t fill us with confidence regarding the product. Of course it could be that Trufade just doesn’t want to sell its products on Amazon or eBay, which is still bad but not quite so worrying as an outright ban.

So What About Those glowing “Reviews” Then?

Here’s where it gets really interesting / worrying. We decided to take a look at social media to see what’s being were saying about Trufade; after all, if customers are purchasing Trufade then they must be talking about it.


Nope, first we took a look at Facebook and found one person asking his tattoo artist buddy about Trufade. No company Facebook page, no local business listing and most certainly no social media marketing.

Next we took a look at Twitter and again, discovered absolutely nothing, not even a mention!

Infact, the only social media platform we managed to find a reference to Trufade was on Pinterest. A user there called Bethany M posted a rather spam filled advert to how amazing Trufade is, not a genuine review then!

We also ran a Google search for online forum mentions and once again turned up nothing except for the rather dodgy looking blog reviews we mentioned earlier!

This can only mean one of two things. Either Trufade is not that popular a product, hence the lack of online interest, or Trufade is a scam that thankfully most people haven’t fallen victim to.

So Can We Trust Trufade Reviews?

The jury is out in our opinion. In the complete absence of Amazon reviews, eBay reviews or any sort of social media conversion we’ve found it hard to discover any genuine users of Trufade.

The only reviews we’ve discovered could easily have been made up by the owners of Trufade and don’t appear to have any authenticity whatsoever. This is always worrying as I almost always go looking for genuine user reviews before purchasing a product like this.

Not good!

Should I Buy Trufade

In my personal opinion, you’re probably going to waste your money if you purchase Trufade. As with all internet purchased medical products, there are some serious issues and risk factors. When you add in a complete lack of conversion about the product anywhere on the internet, this risk factor increases tenfold!

We originally planned on purchasing Trufade and conduction our own review on the product; however, after looking at all the evidence we’re not at all convinced about using testing a random cream on ourselves, especially when that cream appears a non-entity on the web!

Our Final Verdict

We wouldn’t recommend Trufade as there’s not enough information out there to suggest if it works or not. The company website seems professional; however, a total lack of social media mentions and customer reviews makes us believe this could be a scam product.

If you’re looking to have a tattoo removed, we would suggest researching other products on the market and also having a chat with your Doctor or Physician. They’ll be able to point you in the direction of treatments that really do work! We’ve a suspicion they won’t recommend Trufade!

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