wrecking balm reviews

wrecking balm reviews

Getting Started : Tattoo

Having a tattoo represents, by far, one of the biggest trends throughout the world for years. This means that dozens of million people throughout the world have at least one tattoo design on their bodies, regardless to their social condition or culture.

Back in the days, tattoos were used to mark delinquents, slaves, prisoners or sailors. Nowadays, tattoos represent a form of urban art, a means of expressing one’s creativity and personality, a form of body embellishment, a political statement or simply a cry for help to achieve popularity and extra “badness” points.

No matter the reasons, there are few people that live up to their choices for the rest of their lives and not end up regretting the decision of having a tattoo.

Most people get their first tattoo somewhere at the beginning of their adult life, especially to mark an important personal decision or even in their lives. Some choose to have matching tattoos with their significant others, until deciding to break up. Some choose to commemorate someone’s birth or death, while some do it for fun.

Again, regardless the reasons, there will come a point in about anyone’s life when they will regret the decision of having a permanent mark on their bodies, especially when it comes to a bad tattoo or one that no longer represents who they are.

There are plenty of creams, lotions and potions on the web promising to help you with your bad decisions and get rid of your tattoo for cheap, or at least pain free. But do tattoo removal creams really work?

One of the overly talked about product is Wrecking Balm. Marketed online for around $32 (26/6/2016), there are plenty of Wrecking Balm reviews questioning the efficiency of the product.

About the product

Wrecking Balm tattoo removal fade system promises to help remove permanent tattoos for a fraction of the cost of a laser removal session, and for less pain as well.

The package consists of a microdermabrasion applicator, an erosion head, a gel, a hydrating cream and a branding butter concealer, all packed for $31.62 (26/6/2016).

What promises to deliver?

The product promises to help fade away all tattoos, no matter their size or type of ink used, in just a few months. The product states you will experience quick results and zero pain during the process. Moreover, you would only require using the tattoo removal kit for 3 minutes every other day.

It is said that it can be used on pretty much any type of permanent tattoo, no matter where you have it – on your legs, on your arms, on your back, ankle or stomach area.

The suffusion gel, alongside the erosion head, should be used every other day to help fade tattoos away, while the cream can be used every single day. The lightweight, water proof and resistant concealer can be used to cover up your tattoos on special events, between the fading sessions.

What it delivers

When it comes to this particular tattoo fading and removing product, most reviews are far from being positive. Ever since its debut on online markets (Amazon,Walmart … ), it has become a rapid sales product, but with rather negative impact upon customers. Most buyers do not recommend the product because it does not deliver what it was advertised for.

In fact, most customers tried it according to its instructions and for several months, without seeing any improvements whatsoever.

The Wrecking Balm product advertises plenty of appealing before and after photos on its website, claiming that the product will help most tattoos fade away and even erase in time.

And, since the alternative laser therapy costs up to ten times more to get the tattoo removed, most people are allured by the cheaper version and decide to give the product a try.

What types of tattoos could the product not erase?

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All customers came with various sizes, shapes and patterns of tattoos, spread throughout their bodies. No matter how small or big, customers started using the Wrecking Balm product in order to fade away their nasty tattoos or to get rid of them completely.

In the majority of the cases, people used the product on older tattoos, which means they should have already had some of the ink faded in color. However, after applying the kit thoroughly for several months (some customers even did so for more than 6 months in a row!), clients were highly disappointed with the results.

In fact, most customers did not even see a slightest amelioration in the process, claiming their tattoo was as intense as visible as it was in day one.

Most customers had tattoos made with high quality black ink, at professional saloons, which made it almost impossible for this kit to fade. No matter how old or small the original tattoo was, this cleaning kit did nothing to remove the tattoo.

Some clients who had their tattoos done less professionally, using lower quality ink or the one used in prisons, or those who had colored tattoos noticed a slight difference in shading and apparel, but only after thick using for more than 3-4 months in a row.

What are the main complains

So, apart from the obvious lack of functionality, some customers also signalized the rather hard to use and handle kit. First of all, the original kit is limited when it comes to product amount, meaning you should do a refill at least once every two months.

Obviously, this comes at additional costs, especially since most customers decided using the product for at least 3-4 months. Another important negative aspect was the fact that the abrasion head is not perfectly fixed on the abrasive part, making the tool hard to use and handle. The heads are easily breakable and a set of two is not nearly enough for the entire abrasion liquid.

Another problem is the fact that the product takes between sometimes and never to function, thus those who are not very well with patience should seek for alternative tattoo removal solutions. One of the customers used the wrecking balm system consistently (including monthly refills) and only started noticing slight effects after 4 months. On the contrary, another customer claimed to have used the product for 6 months in a row without any visible effects.

Again, on the longer run, people with more sensitive skin types might notice heavy redness or even bruised skin in the tattoo area. This is due to the fact that you have to push thoroughly whenever applying the abrasion head.

The ingredient list

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The main reason why people were so disappointed with the Wrecking balm tattoo removal kit is the list of ingredients used for every single item, as well as the quantities of the products.

Apart from the obviously insufficient amount of scrubs or creams, the list of main ingredients does not differ anything you could purchase on your own from every drugstore. The Hyravescent cream, for example, contains a mix of miner oil, aloe, cocoa and Shea butter, as well as an emollient base.

Looking in the perspective, these highly common ingredients can be easily bought from any regular drugstore, pharmacy or beauty shop and used in the comfort of your own home to create larger product quantities that will not cost a fortune.

Similarly, the Suffusion gel is nothing but a standard liquid scrub consisting of walnut shell scrub particles and salicylic acid, in a very small concentration. Under these circumstances, it comes as no surprise that almost none of the product’s kit ingredients will actually work wonders and help your tattoo fade away.

Another problem with one of the kit’s ingredient product was with the dermomatic unit, far from being professional at all. This product literally doesn’t do anything else but vibrate, without even revolving on the skin. This means you should also put effort into moving it across the tattoo area yourself, for countless minutes.

And, even though the product features two speeds (low and high), none of them actually contributes to the abrasion process by making it thicker or harder.

Lastly, the branding butter concealer might look as a decent invention, if it wouldn’t have come in a medium skin color exclusively. Although, based on statistics, people with medium skin tones are the most common, white and black people also get bad tattoos.

So what about them? Obviously, white skinned people should avoid the product in the first place unless they want to look like clowns. The concealer not only will not help hide your tattoo, but will also emphasize on the skin tone difference between the tattooed area and the rest of your body.

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