4 Best Tattoo Inks That Make You A Better Artist


Best Tattoo Inks

Best Tattoo Inks

Seeking for the best tattoo inks and

where to buy Tattoo ink ?

Have you found yourself wondering what are the best tattoo ink brands on the market lately? If so, then please look no further and stick around with us for a couple of minutes. Allow us to appropriately answer this question for you. If you happen to be one of these people then this article right here is perfect for you.

Tattooing happens to require very many different types of equipment, which generally does not stick around forever. Except just one- the tattoo ink. This lives with you forever, perfectly still under your skin. It does eventually become an essential part of you over a period of time. You might as well ensure you get the best ink for your body.

The days of those simple sailor and Maori type tattoos are long gone. Tattoo ink has come quite a long way these days. Today, the options available to one seem to be infinite. However, the hard truth about this fact is that most of these options available to us are mostly of below average quality. The best tattoo inks ensures longevity and has a vivid color scheme. And the only way you can achieve this is by using a high quality tattoo inks brand.

Caps for tattoo ink with colored ink on the background of a skull. Image by Catchyscoop.com

Caps for tattoo ink with colored ink on the background of a skull. Image by Catchyscoop.com

Tattoos are fast becoming recognized as valid art. This is one of the factors that have certainly contributed to its widespread popularity and rapid growth all around the globe. A lot of the negative notions that it used to be attributed to have been eradicated. Many amateur artistes have began to take up tattooing as a hobby which is further effectively improving its popularity levels in modern society.

What to consider when searching for the best tattoo inks

Some of the many points you should consider when setting out to buy the best tattoo inks are:

Using a brand from a reputable manufacturer:

Reputable organisations tend to produce high quality products due to their high standards of production. These tattoo ink manufacturers tend to put in immense levels of research and time when developing their products. Numerous and rigorous tests are conducted before the inks are offered to the tattoo market.

The inks manufactured in these tattoo ink companies are not all of the same quality and standard. Each company keeps their formula secrets tightly guarded. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the many different types of materials and recipes used in manufacturing these products in order to be able to choose wisely. In the United States this information can be largely found in the safety data sheets that is a material requirement by the FDA.
Don’t just look for any kind of tattoo ink for sale, choose¬† carefully.

The main tattoo ink ingredients.

There are many types of tattoo ink ingredients used when manufacturing what one may consider as being the best tattoo ink and it so happens to be that many of them are toxic. Some of the top examples being lead and arsenic. One should also know whether they require water-based or alcohol-based tattoo ink for their tattooing needs.

Choosing durable, safe and permeable colors

The bases and pigments used in the manufacture of most tattoo inks generally determines the quality and durability the ink product will produce when used. If you want sufficient permeability then your go to would be in an alcohol-based tattoo ink.

Pigments are absorbed more effectively by the skin when one uses this type of ink. However, due to the many chemicals consisted in it, this type usually causes far more skin irritation than its water-based counterpart (This because this type uses only organic pigment and vegetable dyes). (1)

In order to find the best tattoo ink, both the tattoo amateurs and professionals should take part in extensive product research and look at all the reviews you can find on the types of inks generally available to you. This so happens to be the only way you can find what properly and effectively fits your art style or niche.

Our Best Pick For Best Tattoo Inks Brands

Herein below are our 4 top picks of the best tattoo inks available to the public. They list as follows:

1. Kuro Sumi Ink, Outlining Ounce

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

This tattoo ink brand was designed with the ancient and legendary Kuro Sumi warrior in mind. An elite force in the ancient Japanese history. Originally created in Japan, its formula and ingredients make up for a wonderfully crafted and a truly amazing and safe tattoo ink. Its formula is vegan friendly and incorporates the organic element.

Their formulas are top secret and have been passed down from generation to generation in the Japanese society. These types of ink have been similarly highly regarded just as their namesake counterparts are. The Kuro Simi brand, with over 40 colors to choose from, is definitely one of the manufactures who make the most superior type of tattoo ink. A brand fit for those truly superior tattoo artists.
This ink is designed in a way that it helps ensure tattoos heal faster than usual. It is definitely a superior and high quality tattoo ink with enough durability and permeability for any skin. Its black happens to stay extremely black for a very long period of time, definitely more than most if not all the other brands you will find on the tattoo market industry.

It does not turn into that blueish hue tone when relatively old. As is mentioned on the Kuro Simi Tattoo ink website,”….made from the best stuff on Earth and will truly dazzle your customers with extraordinary results.” This is truly one of the best tattoo ink product brands out there

Its benefits are;
-Its manufactured using organic pigment and is completely vegan-friendly
-This ink has bright and intense colors which are known to last longer than the regular inks
-This brand has been endorsed by top tattoo artistes all over the globe.

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2. Candy Tattoo Ink, All Purpose Black ( The best black tattoo ink)

Candy Tattoo Ink, All Purpose Black

Candy Tattoo Ink, All Purpose Black

This brand has been present in the United States tattoo industry since the year 1996 and has been crafting premium tattoo ink since it was established. This brand consists of some of the best and most appealing tattoo colors out there. The Skin and Bloodline Supply Center has medical grade,state of the art facilities in California.

This type of ink is usually reliable for shaping and outlining tasks. Its black is rich and dark. Once applied it generally never loses its original color. It rarely causes issues to any tattoo machine due to its truly consistent flow capabilities. It looks absolutely fantastic once applied and sinks in pretty easily into the skin. It also washes away quite easily thus reducing the chances of you ruining your workstation surfaces with spilled ink.
Its shelf lifespan can run for about 2 and a half years. So if you find that your not tattooing constantly, you need not get frustrated and worried about disposing of wasted ink products. You can go ahead and stock up on this brand, in your salon or parlor, without the fear of it going stale in a couple of months.

The pigment dispenser used in weighing out pigments for color matching and blending is EU-certified. This helps in the creation and manufacture of the best product one can hope to make. These inks undergo thorough testing and vetting before placed to the consumer in the tattoo market.
Some of their noteworthy features are;
– These always distribute evenly and enter the skin with relative ease
– They are crafted using premium pigments and pure zero water
– They are a product manufactured in the United States of America
– The fact that they are mostly offered pre-dispersed makes them perfect and ideal for the new tattoo artist.
This ink truly deserves its place on any list of the best tattoo ink. Don’t hesitate to try this ink for it is definitely of superior quality and its usage will not disappoint.

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3. Intenze Tattoo Ink, Zuper Black

Intenze Tattoo Ink, Zuper BlackThis black tattoo ink will show on the skin of anybody and everybody who goes ahead to use it. No matter how dark they may be. If being extra dark is your case then the this black ink tattoo brand is certainly for you.
This type of ink is the blackest one you will get on the market.

It is the one most recommended for people of African descent due to the sole fact that it will always shows very clearly on the skin. This happens to be perfect for any type of tribal tattoo. Letters and numbers show up clear and precise.
Established by Mario Barth over twenty years ago, world famous tattoo artists the likes of Mark Mahoney and Bob Tyrell firmly advocate and stand by the quality of this ink product. Its main focus is to provide for the artists’ needs. Safety is another one of its very important policies.

This company has biochemists that work from two separate labs that mainly focus daily on the sterilization and development of Intenze ink. These tattoos usually happen to be free of mutagenic toxins and amines. 3rd party labs are contracted by Intenze to perform sterilization and testing to ensure high safety and quality standards. Better than most of its competitors. They are stored in light and temperature controlled warehouses that help ensure they stay clean and sterile until shipped to the individual market stores. It also happens to also be EU-quality certified and meets the requirements and standards of the American market industry.

If you want a tattoo ink brand that is the blackest out there then there is none better than this one manufactured by Intenze. Here are some of the features that makes it part of our list of the best tattoo ink brand;
– No other tattoo ink brand out there offers the public more color options than Intenze inks. The pallete of possibilities this brand offers can seem almost unlimited
– Has been on the market for over 20 years and has immense backing from famous tattoo artists all over the world. Its long lasting capabilities are world renowned.
– These products comply with American safety standard and are EU-quality certified
– Do not use any animal products and do not take part in animal testing making this company completely vegan friendly
– A proud product of the United States of America.

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4. Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink

Millennium MomsThis name should not full you into thinking that this your mother’s tattoo. Pigment based with a color and feel that is difficult to match. This ink brand has been in existence for over 15 years. Its innovative and rich color scheme has ensured it is one of the go to tattoo brands for most tattoo artistes all across the world.

Its pigment life, color consistency and flow rate are highly rated world wide. It gets into skin beautifully and relatively smoothly allowing for the artistic creation of eye-popping designs and constructions.
What really sets this brand apart from the rest is its Nuclear Color ink line. These are usually considered to be some of the brightest and safest on the tattoo ink market. Its pigment based ink colors have been successfully brought into black light.
This brand’s policy revolves around quality and loyalty. Numerous tattoo artistes have pledged allegiance and have stood by this tattoo in manufacture simply claiming that it is the best tattoo ink brand on the market right now. It is noteworthy to remember that this brand type is usually a highly imitated product so you must make certain to verify the product upon purchase. Ensure that your buying the product from a reputable, professional and credible source to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

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Final Words

In conclusion, tattoo ink is the sole medium in through which tattoo artists express their artistic, beautiful, stylish, meaningful and fun creations and designs. This is the initial tool required by an artist whenever he attempts to bring a client’s tattoo dreams to life. Without this no tattoo can come to life in the modern day society. You will not be doing any favors by feeding your body low quality, low standard, unappealing tattoo inks. There is just simply no excuse for that.

So since now you know the best tattoo ink products in the market. Stop the shortcuts. Go grab one of these and get tattooing!

My friend, stop denying the world of potentially outstanding artwork. It is definitely about time you bring that tattoo idea to life.

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